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Lewis & Clark serves Phony "Vegan" Options

There are lots of places at Lewis and Clark that serve things with whey and dairy in them, but are labeled "vegan".
Hey everybody! I heard from a former employee of Bon Appetit management company that they put whey and dairy in things they label as "vegan", and then serve it up to the students at Lewis and Clark, in cafes such as Field's Dining Room, Trailroom, Maggie's, The Dovecote and Food For Thought! Maybe someone should write an article about it in the school newspaper, find out the home address of the company manager, order an investigation of ingrediants, constantly check those ingrediants as they're cooking them and make sure they do the easy task of switching to vegan! Or, for you armchair activists, simply drop them a line through this site:


How about better information? 12.Mar.2007 11:04


"I heard from someone......"

Who, When, are they credible? Where did they get their information? What research have you done on your own to support or discredit the original information before posting a potentially false internet story?

I'm glad Indymedia is around to provide outlets for news. I wish authors were a bit more responsible and professional before posting what amounts to a rumor.

Readers should be suspect.

=== 12.Mar.2007 12:47


It's important to protect the anonymity of the informant though. I don't go to Lewis and Clark, but if I did, I would be more involved in this particular issue. I just thought I'd get the word out and hopefully encourage those who do eat at those places to find out what they are eating, that's all.