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Help Needed to Plant Flags at L&C for Iraq’s Dead

The Iraq Body-Count Memorial of flags to be staged at Lewis & Clark College this next week is an event that brings attention and honors the thousands killed in the Iraq war, both civilians and military. The Memorial is incredibly powerful, BUT we need YOU to make it happen!
This is a call to action!
Some 130,000 flags will be installed Sunday on the Lewis and Clark campus, for a week-long display symbolizing and honoring both Iraqi and American deaths. Reed College's display ends Saturday morning, fronting Woodstock Boulevard. Activists, passersby, students, alumni, and faculty planted 113,000 flags during the week. Each white flag represents 6 Iraqi deaths. Each red flag represents 1 American death. The current estimates are that at least 678,000 Iraqi civilians and military and security forces have been killed; 3,188 Americans have been killed.

The flag installation at L&C requires hundreds of volunteers to set up. We need your help. Volunteer this coming Sunday, March 11 from 11-6 p.m. in front of Watzek Library. Place as many flags as you have time for. Participants have said the experience is sobering and tremendously powerful. This display is hosted by the Lewis and Clark College chapter of Portland Students for a Democratic Society, and Iraq Peace Project.org.

The display and plantings will continue throughout the week of March 11-17.

For more information:  info@iraqpeaceproject.org,  lcsdscontact@riseup.net

Please forward this call to action!

phone: phone: 651-675-6945

i thought the flags were already up 09.Mar.2007 09:29

I will be there

so the flags go up on sunday?

I will be there to help, although I am confused because i heard that they were already up..

there is no honor 09.Mar.2007 11:00

in war

why do we "honoring" people killed in wars. there is nothing honorable about war. to see the true face of terrorism, find a soldier.

there is no honor 09.Mar.2007 11:00

in war

why do we "honor" people killed in wars. there is nothing honorable about war. to see the true face of terrorism, find a soldier.

Not always black and white 09.Mar.2007 12:52


"in war",
I assume you mean: why do we honor dead soldiers, not why do we honor war dead (innocents, collateral damage, etc.)?

As an ex-soldier, I can yell you a few reasons why soldiers deserve some understanding.
It is honorable to "defend" ones country. It may not be honorable to invade another country and call it "defending".
Indoctrination or learning your values, standards, "beliefs" begins at birth. Maybe you had peaceniks for parents,or maybe you had a warrior family. It is likely you are what you were taught.

Perhaps you measure your participation in economic terms. You may be poor and "see" no other options. So, you buy in.

If you are lucky, one day you will start seeing contradictions.
You will walk by a fur store and someone will reach out and for the first time you will see the brutality of fur.
Or, maybe you will witness brutality in war and you won't or can't do anything to stop it, but that incident, that still shames you in your dreams, becomes the spark that transforms your feelings about war.

The unlucky ones, never gain their epiphany...never question. Or maybe they don't know what to do with it when they see the contradictions. Maybe they feel trapped. Maybe their friends and family would withhold love if they were to question.

I only know, if those who reached out to me, had done so with hate instead of love, I would have resisted. I would not have been open to their voice. Their truth.

Ever talk to a combat soldier? Ever wonder why they don't talk much about war. The details of war? It's because what they saw and maybe what they did...deeply wounded or killed parts of themselves. Why is the largest percentage of homeless, ex-military? Damage and the inability to fix the damage by ones self.

The direction life takes is part birthright, part choice. Judgement and error. Judgement and success.
Is your life any different?

The gift I have gained from making mistakes is the compassion I am now able to give others.