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march 18th - Imperialist speaker?!

Earl "Supported NAFTA" Blumenhaur is supposed to be speaking at March 18th. Did nobody look into this? Did nobody notice his pro-israel anti-lebanon voting policy.
This isn't a peace activist, this is just a Democrat. Look how he responds to the potentiality of a cease-fire  http://blumenauer.house.gov/issues/FloorSpeechSummary.aspx?NewsID=1442&IssueID=0

It doesn't take more than a google search to find this out, people. Look what I pulled up in five minutes.

 http://votesmart.org/issue_keyvote_detail.php?vote_id=3064&can_id=BC032707 (Voted to give Bush power for the war)

 http://votesmart.org/issue_keyvote_detail.php?vote_id=3393&can_id=BC032707 (Does not condemn abuses like that of Abu Ghraib)

 http://votesmart.org/issue_keyvote_detail.php?vote_id=1444&can_id=BC032707 (He supports parental notification for family planning)

 http://votesmart.org/issue_keyvote_detail.php?vote_id=2782&can_id=BC032707 (He supports the WTO)

 http://votesmart.org/issue_keyvote_detail.php?vote_id=2145&can_id=BC032707 (Votes against impeachment)
 http://votesmart.org/issue_keyvote_detail.php?vote_id=2147&can_id=BC032707 (Again)
 http://votesmart.org/issue_keyvote_detail.php?vote_id=2149&can_id=BC032707 (and again)
 http://votesmart.org/issue_keyvote_detail.php?vote_id=2151&can_id=BC032707 (and again)

Isn't it time we formulate ourselves as a peace movement, not just a front group for the Democratic Party?
Isn't it time we break free from politicians? They let us down every time, it's time we dump the fuckers.

thanks for calling Earl out. 08.Mar.2007 16:40


let's not let that bowtie charm us -- Blumenauer is an imperialist and capitalist, through and through. I think it's important to not derail the march/rally as a whole, but let's make it clear that we don't support Blumenauer! Boo him down, bring signs, take hold of the mic...

No way! 08.Mar.2007 16:47


Is this true?

If so, I propose a little game: let's all suggest a good chant to do while he speaks, best one wins, then we all chant it.

So throw out your best chant--it needs to make a good point or two or three, and it should have a catchy rythym, a good rhyme, or both.

Ready, set, go!

I'll start it off with something boring:

Hey hey, ho ho
imperialism has got to go!

Don't Let Him Get Away With It . . . 08.Mar.2007 17:06


Drown out his opportunistic, self-serving exploitation of the assembly by constant chants about his voting record while he shucks and jives . . .

Everyone turn their backs when he's delivering his pitch . . .

And don't parse some liberal PC about fairness, free speech and "let him speak" . . . a charlatan is a charlatan!

See if someone can get on the speaker's roster *before* him, and give the crowd a prep on the issues that he will be evading.

I'll be there!! 08.Mar.2007 17:34

not Russ

Ya I'll be there burning a flag right in that fuckers face. Turn your backs on Blumenauer and stand for real peace!

Boo Bleumenhour off the stage! 08.Mar.2007 18:04


I've worked hard for impeachment for a year. Bleumenhour is a sleaze! He should be booed off the stage by everyone! We can agree on this!

Ummmm, Impeach Clinton????? 08.Mar.2007 18:35


You have 4 links of the same bill for the impeachment of Bill Clinton.....Why? I don't think you read it correctly.

Voted against impeachment of Clinton was wrong? 08.Mar.2007 19:02


Bleumenhour is gutless about impeachment of BUSH and CHENEY! He should not have voted for impeachment of Clinton on those frivolous charges! He did something right then!

Are you aware that Operation Firestorm was launched against Iraq within 24 hours of the Lewinsky scandal being published? Clinton should have been impeached for the infanticide in Iraq during his administration.

Who Made the Decision to Support Blumenauer Politics? 09.Mar.2007 12:34

disgusted former Dem

Who made the decision to invite Blumenauer operatives to the "Peace Camp" on March 18 as well as to allow this criminal to speak at the rally? Blumenauer is opposed to stopping the funding and to impeachment, the two efforts most likely to end our continuing nightmare.

I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican, and I object to making this event a partisan matter. Both corporate, hegemonist parties are responsible for the loss of our democracy, for the slaughter and torture in Iraq, and for the on-going threats to Iran.

Here is the response I sent today to the March 18 organizers:

"Staff from Representative Earl Blumenauer's office will be on hand to give tips on lobbying."

WHAT? Don't you know that Blumenauer has refused to commit to defunding? That he is poised to give Bush/Cheney another 100 billion? That he is a cheerleader for Israeli crimes in Lebanon and Palestine?

This is unacceptable. I do not want my activism to be in any way associated with Blumenauer. Why not have Condi Rice or Dick Cheney mentor us about how to lobby?

Please join me in refusing to allow this event to be turned over to the people who are responsible for making it necessary.