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0308 Get This

Summary of the KBOO am news for Thursday, March 8th, 2007.
0308 Get This
0308 Get This
03/08/07 Get This
sui generis

1. Put The Chainsaw Down And Step Away From The Tree: Logging of centuries-old trees in the Mount Hood National Forest may finally be yanked out by the roots. A federal judge in Portland has blocked the forest's last old-growth timber sale. It took a lot of lawsuits and activism but it got done...
2. The Washington State Ecology Department has approved permits to remove two ancient, crumbling dams on the Elwha River up there on the Olympic Peninsula, opening 70 miles of river habitat. (One would like to imagine that someone had a salmon epiphany and did the right thing, but in fact there are thousands of dams - many much larger than the two on the Elwha - on the verge of collapse... )
3. Measure 37 continues to infuriate environmentalists and the family farmer as well as the usual herd of bonehead wannabee developers. There is a bill being bandied about that would give public agencies an extra year to process the Greedy Bastards' impossible dreams.
4. Portland City Commissioners took a zero-carbon trip to A Future Without Oil, and they're back with this to report: Unless we stop using natural gas and oil before they run out, we'll be out of natural gas and oil, so we'd better stop by 2030. (The commissioners had no plans for addressing the roving bands of heavily armed militias, the lack of food, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals or synthetic materials... not to mention the death of the oceans and collapse of global climate systems waiting for us with open arms out there in 2030... .)
5. All the same, Oregon legislators want to establish a marine reserve. Good idea, but it's going to piss off fishermen who still need the scales pulled from their eyes: If we don't restore coastal waters there won't be any fish.
6. Portland's bluesman Paul delay has died.
7. Take Out A Number 2 Pencil: Oregon's online testing system has crashed and burned, so now it's back to basics; pencils and paper. The kids aren't doing as well on their standardized tests now that they can't take the tests again and again and again - or cheat, for that matter. (Voters in those 'touch screen states', take note... .)
8. Oral Favors: US Attorney John McKay turned down the opportunity to be illegally coerced by Washington State's senior congressional Republican by simply hanging up on the guy. The Bush administration rewarded this rare display of scrupulous legal honesty by denying McKay his due promotion.
9. Is That A Subpoena In Your Pocket, Or..:Meanwhile, a Senate committee that is looking into the firing of former San Diego US Attorney Carol Lam and seven other federal prosecutors is asking Alberto Gonzales to produce a few Justice Department officials... or else. Or else what? Or else these officials will be subpoenaed.
10. Baghdad 911: Defense Secretary Robert Gates says he wants what General Petraeus in Baghdad wants, and that is even more troops. Only we won't be calling the next 22 hundred people troops. These are going to be police.
11. Court TV: Legal experts are not comfortable with the Bush administration for barring the news media from military hearings for 14 terror suspects (including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. You saw him in the Terrorama blockbuster, 'The Twin Towers Fall.'). An Air Force lawyer, with 25 years in the military, said, "The whole world is watching." Sometimes what you don't see on the telly is what you should be looking at... .
12. Flying Down To Rio: Bush is off on a good will junket to Latin America...
13. A former Navy sailor was arrested on terrorism charges for alleging mishandling classified information that ended up in the hands of a suspected terrorism financier.
14. A Democrat and three Republicans (They are generally sicker for some reason. Gawd works in strange ways... ) are backing legislation that would allow consumers, pharmacies and wholesalers to buy FDA-approved medicines from other countries which have figured out how to make the drugs for less money. (We may already have a deal with Afghanistan to produce one particular drug very inexpensively so it can be sold on American streets in order to pay for some of the 'Black Ops'-type good will missions the administration has been running... ..)
15. The United Nations says that worldwide, more women are working harder for less money. (Finally! America is catching up with the third world... .)
16. One in four older women has been abused over the long term by a spouse or partner. (The other three are divorced... )
17. International Women's Day In Court: Iran has released all but three of the 31 women detained during peaceful protests in Tehran earlier this week; which protests in turn were staged on behalf of five women activists who were being prosecuted on criminal charges for demonstrating last June.
18. The European Union and the International Atomic Energy Agency still says that Iran really should take a little nuclear "time-out".
19. Cuba says it really isn't ready for an onslaught of American tourists. (I don't see why not... What nation wouldn't want hoards of loud, fat, sweaty, rude, ignorant, spoiled freaks running wild through its pristine beaches and organic farms screaming for room service and a blowie?)
20. Jordan's Good King Abdullah says that if the US doesn't concentrate hard and do something about the situation with Israel and Palestine, then Iraq will be a kiss-off, no matter how many troops we send there. (He probably ought to have added, 'But please, don't send troops to the Levant... ')
21. Vote counting begins in Northern Ireland today after an election for an Assembly where voters hope feuding politicians will set aside bitter differences and finally work together to resolve local problems... Or at least that's the plan...
22. The Italian newspaper, La Repubblica, says that their guy in Afghanistan is not a spy, a policeman or any sort of government official. The La Repubblica reporter was kidnapped yesterday by the Taliban.
23. The newly arrived African Union peacekeepers almost immediately came under attack in the Somalia capital, Mogadishu. They only just arrived on Tuesday and were probably still jet lagged... .

Italian reporter kidnapped in Afghanistan 08.Mar.2007 14:33


Danielle Mastrogiacomo is a war correspondent I believe he has been working for "La Repubblica for the last 15 years.
We meet regularly in Peru (he is married to a peruvian ) The last time we talked he was in Nairobi and had an assigment in Somalia.
This was in January. He is not a policeman (never has been) and would never be a spy !!!!!!!!!
The last time he came to the U.S was to cover Katrina. On a previous trip, he was stopped at JFK for several hours and lost his connecting flight. The reason he was stopped by inmigration officials were his entries to Irak and several middle eastern countries. On top of this is he was born in Karachi, Pakistan. He doesn't look pakistani. He looks a little bit like Chris Matthews.
I do not hear anything in the news, about his kidnapping !!!!!
Please ask for his release !!!!!!!!!! He is a great guy, always making you laugh !!!!