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New Sentencing Dates for Oregon Eco-Sabotage Defendants

During a federal court hearing on March 2, 2007, the following sentencing dates were finalized for the eco-sabotage defendants from the District of Oregon "Operation Backfire" cases:
Tuesday, May 15, 10AM:
Oral arguments on application of the Sentencing Guidelines "terrorism" enhancement for all defendants (Could add up to 20 years to sentences).

[Dates for Cooperating Defendants:]
Tuesday, May 22, 9AM: Stanislas Meyerhoff
Thursday, May 24, 9AM: Kevin Tubbs
Friday, May 25, 9AM: Chelsea Gerlach
Tuesday, May 29, 9AM: Darren Thurston
Thursday, May 31: Suzanne Savoie (9AM) & Kendall Tankersley (1:30PM)

[Dates for Non-Informants]
Friday, June 1, 9AM: Nathan Block & Joyanna Zacher
Monday, June 4, 9AM: Daniel McGowan
Tuesday, June 5, 9AM: Jonathan Paul

All hearings will take place in the Wayne L. Morse Federal Courthouse in Eugene (211 E. 7th Avenue), Judge Ann Aiken's courtroom. You'll need ID to get in. If the courtroom fills up, the hearings will be shared via a video feed to another room.

Please support the non-informant defendants before, during and after these sentencing dates!

For background information on the cases, commentary and updates, see:
 http://cldc.org (A more thorough update will soon be available here)
 http://portland.indymedia.org/en/topic/greenscare/ &

address correction 09.Mar.2007 16:01

just another fly on the wall

The new Wayne L. Morse Federal Courthouse is located at 405 East 8th Ave. in Eugene.

Apologies for the error in the previous post.