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Developing a Model for Behavior that leads to Fanaticism

Two case studies were undertaken to establish corrective actions requiring minimal input.
1.The phenomena of the Christian fundamental Right in politics.
2.The phenomena of feminist endorsement of Hillary Clinton for ascension from FLOTUS (First Lady of the U.S.)to POTUS (President of the U.S.)
In both cases, it was definitively established that logic was not the
primary means of persuasion. On the basis of logic, pre-emptive murder violates the fundamental tenets of Christianity. Yet this becomes rationalized within a Messianic fervor to convert the heathen and punish the unjust.
In the case of Hillary otherwise rational and progressive women have determined to vote for Hillary. It does not matter that she has supported the war in Iraq, voted for NAFTA, and covered up the suicide of her former law partner, Vince Foster.

In Case Study #1, two overweight fundamental Christians were co-owners of a home for recovering heroin addicts. Under the permission of a third Christian, this author observed their behavior at dinner. They would lift a small, barking dog up to the table to feed it, momentarily forgetting this is unacceptable outside one's own home. They also expressed concern about seekers not falling within their own narrow definition of Christianity. They have created a pamphlet to solicit funding for their heroin ministry, which is primarily a loving burden of the third Christian. Addicts, once stable, are brought to a rural setting north of Spokane to begin more serious attempts at recovery.
In Case Study #2, facts came to light from a London Observer article by Greg Palast who documented Vince Foster's suicide. Apparently, Foster was closely linked to improprieties in billing records by Hillary with some of her large corporate clients - one of them WalMart and another an Indonesian linked energy venture into China.
A secondary observation provided further insight in Case Study #1. The fundamentalist needed reassurance that the author was a 'born again' Christian. Their second test arose when learning that the author taught science. The comment was made, "You must be smart." (By implication, they are too stupid to understand science.) The author was careful not to make this judgment and make these two uncomfortable.
A secondary observation provided further insight in Case Study #2. The feminist, being Swedish, is an ardent supporter of socialized medicine and supports the argument 'if other countries, i.e. Sweden, have proved fair health care can be done, we should be able to provide it here.'
Johan Norberg of Stockholm carefully refuted this simplistic statement citing a McKinsey Global Institute estimate that shows Sweden's real unemployment to be 15%. Government control of production leads to serfdom according to Fredrich Hayek's thesis on taxation. The Scandinavian countries have healthy free market economies. In the case of Norway, it is also supported by oil. This is why these countries are thriving.
Facts can become overwhelming and a reductionist tendency in our society delegates individual members within the corporate entity to make sense of specific details. This leaves nobody minding the shop. Corporations, by nature, have been developed to mind the shop. The best shopkeepers in effect have become the keepers of the nation. In exquisite detail a clear link can be established between Henry Kissinger, Paul Wolfowitz, APCO, and ExxonMobil - the world's most profitable business. In effect, corporations have replaced efficient government and are well on their way to fulfilling Hayek's thesis of government control of production. The balance between good government and capital free markets has dismally faltered. Taxation now appears in the form of ever escalating fuel prices. Profits are not being redirected into renewable technologies. They are being used to stake claim to new natural gas and oil fields in Southeast Asia.
Fanaticism then emerges as a willingness to die or we are screwed mentality. The exploited woman chooses feminism, and damns the logic. The Christian or Muslim fanatic chooses religion, and damns the logic. Once collective fear and irrational bias achieves a certain threshold acceptance, only vast natural consequences equal in size to the corporate collective can reverse course.
Or is there another solution? Fanaticism seems designed to create a counter to the corporate Elite. The resulting anarchy forces us to start at the beginning. Is there another solution?
Corporations are remarkably vulnerable and will, given time, collapse of their own bureaucratic inertia, just like any despotic government. Corporations by nature are amoral, faceless entities that become impossible to steer by even the most astute shopkeeper. What is the solution? At all costs avoid fanaticism. Love the earth; engage in acts of kindness. Simplistic? Of course.