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Person Arrested At Tacoma City Council Meeting

Person Arrested at Tacoma City Council Meeting
Today, a group of us went down to the Tacoma City Council meeting to talk during the public speaking section. After a couple of us had spoken our mind about the brutality of the police at the Port, Wally Cudderford (who was arrested and tazed 3 times on Saturday) got up to read something he had written. When he began shedding light on the fact that the TPD allowed their chief to use their resources to stalk his wife and connected that with how he did NOT expect the police to EVER be accountable for their actions, the council tried to silence him. When he continued to speak, a council member told the police to remove him from the building. They pulled his arms behind his back and dragged him out screaming in pain. They arrested him, put him in a cruiser and took him to jail. Luckily I was able to ask him if he wanted us to bond him out and he answered no.

Make no mistake about it, the police are human, true, but they are fucked up human beings empowered by the State to silence political dissent. This was another manifestation and points, along with what happened on Saturday, to an increase in the amount of force used to crush even the smallest amounts of dissent.

I just learned, as I was writing this, that Wally will be released from the Pierce County Jail. He will have his arraignment first at the County City Building on the 1st floor, room 134 at 9:30 in the morning. He was charged with obstructing a public servant and criminal trespace. If you are up, try to be there.

That's the news from Tacoma.

See you all at 9:00 at the port.


in case anyone is interested 06.Mar.2007 20:52

freq of nature

A long shot but if anyone has a 'trunktracking' police scanner,with tacoma police programmed, some of the Tac police are using a particular mutual aid 'talk group' called PSOPS S4 63024. Mostly chit chat, bitching about getting fed before the 'activity starts' and so on. they switched to an encrypted talk group as well that can't be monitored. But they seem to be giving out locations like 'This is the static post on Milw. Way" and so forth. They are using Sea police as well hence the talk group.

FALSE FLAG OPERATION 07.Mar.2007 12:46

Andrew Charles Hendricks

The comment on Seattle Indymedia attibuted to Drew Hendricks is a false flag post as is the original post. I know of no cancellation of the various trainings and rallies scheduled, and if they were cancelled they would be listed in excruciating detail. Names and phone numbers would be posted. You would be able to call and confirm this rumor like so: 360-870-3127

This only shows that they are very frightened of us right now.

Radio calls are putting a US Coast Guard "Ops" unit in Totten Inlet right now, similar to radio calls from Monday or Tuesday of last week. That could mean that they are escorting a vessel later or it could be an excercise. We don't know. We will try to find out soon. Port of Olympia asked us last week if we would blockade a shipment INcoming through Oly. Of course we would be present, but have never blocked units coming back. (duh)

Meanwhile, keep yer eye on the prize. Stryker vehicles are in a pen in Tacoma on Milwaukee Way with only one good way out and a poor second choice. Friday at 4PM Tacoma Federal Courthouse on Pacific is what I remember as being key (note that even this false flag did not cancel Friday). Enough bodies and a daylight march down there and we could really have our day of resistance on media from here to Antarctica.

Of course, you can help by getting out to any Civil Disobedience training you can NOW, and coming down to Tacoma by 4PM on Pacific.

And if you can lend us a Trunk Tracker we'd appreciate it.

Tacoma SDS website is tacomasds.org