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Action in Tacoma-Mon, 9pm @ Port

Meet at Port of Tacoma tonight (mon)
Last night, the Tacoma Police "trained" on a group of 40 of us who were standing near the gate where the Stryker Brigade was coming in. In full riot gear and with concusion grenade launchers, bean-bag shotguns and rubber bullet rifles, the pigs kept surrounding us every time a convoy came through. 3 people were arrested and are now being charged with 3rd degree assault. Not that the cops would ever tell the truth anyway, but the one fellow who was SHOT in the chest with a rubber bullet did not have his body touch them until they themselves picked him up off the ground where he had fallen.

On Saturday there were 30 of us, yesterday a little over 40. Today, Monday, please, load up a car and come to Tacoma (directions below). We have to keep pushing back, especially now after what the pigs did last night. We all have until Friday, the day the boat comes to pick the Stryker up. Let;s make each day crazy, alive, organic and defiant.

Keep fighting,
Ray Kavick

To get to port of Tacoma (new meeting spot)!:

Take Exit 136B off I-5 which will put you onto the Port of Tacoma Rd.

Head down Port of Tacoma Rd.

Take a left on Lincoln St.

Near corner of Milawakee and Lincoln there is a parking lot. Look for us or wait around until someone else arrives.