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Marines Shooting Afghan Civilians in Headlines Today

Front page of the Oregonian mentions an Afghanistan civilian 30 year old man, describing how he was shot at by fleeing US military personal for no reason.
I only read the first paragraph of the main headlines on the Portland Oregonian
Here is the Monday 3-5-07 Oregonian front page in a pdf format:
I was not shocked to read about how the marines who were fleeing a suicide bomb, were fire in a panic type of mode indiscriminately at civilians.

So I have heard over and over that this type of killing / shooting is being done by our forces
I have heard of check points where everybody gets shot ....women and children ..... innocent or unknown

US military being told... "if you don't know where the shots are coming from ...shoot everybody in the area"
I am hearing this from numerous sources...... it is uncalled for and morally wrong.
Listen to this download of Darrell Anderson describe this very issue:

This war is a quagmire, the military is being used and young US men (soldiers) have been put in situations that require war crimes to be committed in order to get out alive.
Listen to similar stories from our own returning vets.... this story of shooting innocents is not new
More links to other vets speaking out on the atrocities here:

Listen to some of the returning Iraq veterans tell these tales over and over
Hear from soldiers who refuse to participate in the unethical bloodletting
Hear how killing of innocent civilians happens over and over ..... its part of war? .....or is it.

Watch this random shooting at cars in the "Trophy Video" filmed by....well ........?
(special forces, Iraq police, US military, Blackwater, contractor, who really knows?)

Bring The Troops Home Now
No More War Crimes

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