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0305 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Monday, March 5th, 2007.
0305 Get This
0305 Get This
03/05/07 Get This
sui generis

1. Stryking Out For The Territories: Three anti-war protesters were arrested overnight at the Port of Tacoma as they carried out their incarnate responsibility to do whatever they can to stop the murder of Iraqi civilians and insurgents alike, the murders of Afghani people and so many other peoples around the world... The activists are in the Port of Tacoma to prevent supply systems from reaching the 'Stryker Brigade.'
2. Church, Anyone?: A businessman from Happy Valley - who happens to be of Arab descent - has been charged with violating the Libyan Sanctions Regulations. The Sanctions were lifted in 2004, but hey, we have former Panther members in jail on conintelpro-propelled charges that were thrown out over 30 years ago. Where are you now that we need you once again, Frank Church?
3. Why is it so hard to do the right thing? The Oregon Senate is looking for ways to get students to move more. It seems like only yesterday that parents could safely take it for granted that their children would have phys-ed classes through the 8th grade. Now it takes an act of the government to get those little round bottoms in motion... ..
4. Specialty Of The House: Thanks to the glacial pace of the Education Department and the labyrinthine halls of No Child Left Behind, Special Education teachers now have just a few months to get their curricula into compliance with the disastrous 'Act of GOP' that has washed American public education down the rat hole...
5. Washington State is considering a law that would stop kids from booing at the opposing team at school sports events. (Next: Referees restrained from calling fouls in case it hurts they young players' fragile self-esteem... )
6. Potholes of the Rich And Famous: The rich really are different from you and I: they get their roads repaired. A fellow moves to cash-strapped Wallowa County and demands that the road in front of his MacMansion be paved so that the gravel doesn't scratch his Ferrari. Country road, Please, oh, Please take this man home... ..
7. Free Money! Just call the IRS; They'll tell you all about it... .
8. Oregon Republicans spent the weekend at the beach soaking up the negative ions and wondering how Karl Rove is going to fix the next round... .
9. The Big One That Got Away: The fiftieth anniversary of the moment Celilo Falls met a watery grave and a way of life died was commemorated this weekend. Tribal members recall that as the river rose, they just walked off and left all their fishing equipment, nets and scaffolds to be submerged in the rising water... ..
10. State Of Depression: Former Senator Thomas Eagleton died yesterday. Eagleton was an early victim of GOP dirty tricks back in 1972, when, as the Democratic VP nominee, Eagleton admitted he had been hospitalized for depression... .and there went the Democratic win, and Hello Nixon... .
11. State Of Depression All Over again: This morning, markets all over the world took a nosedive, led by Asia, followed by Europe with the US bringing up the very large rear. The dollar is still down against the yen at the moment.
12. And it was just yesterday that Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said he felt good about the US economy and does not see the nation sliding into recession... . Paulson came to public life courtesy of the investment banking department of Goldman Sachs... and now it looks like he may be involved with a pharmaceutical of some sort, that or possibly he was kidnapped and probed by aliens last week, thus missing the spectacular global economic debacle...
13. A Bridge Too Far: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton along with husband Bill were in Selma, Alabama yesterday for the commemoration of the 42nd anniversary of 'Bloody Sunday', the 1965 civil rights march and the face-off with southern cops on the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Hillary's speech was a made-for-Hollywood, paid-for-by-Hollywood masterpiece of political maneuvering.
14. Tell It Like It Is: In New Orleans, The relatives of the people who were shot to death on the Danziger Bridge by rogue cops during the Katrina disaster, want justice. Seven police officers are set to stand trial. (It is a virtual certainty that they will walk away from their crimes ... .)
15. NAACP President Bruce Gordon is quitting the organization over disputes with the Board over management style and future operations.
16. Lawyered-up: The Mystery Of The Disappearing US Attorneys: Now, here comes, New Mexico Senator Pete Domenici saying that he called US Prosecutor, David Iglesias to ask about a criminal investigation, but that he never pressured nor threatened the guy. (The Bush administration doesn't want any more Patrick Fitzgeralds running around out there in Legal land... )
17. Ann Coulter called John Edwards a "faggot." (A strange sort of insult, considering the fact that the vast percentage of people who identify themselves as "faggots" are smarter and better looking than Ann Coulter... .)
18. US troops and "Iraqi forces" (Translation: 'Human shields') are still cutting a lethal swath through Sadr City. But the American media managed to find a little positive spin amongst the debris of smashed-up homes, businesses and markets: This week, the Americans are knocking first before kicking the doors in... Winning hearts and minds; that's what America is all about...
19. Slave Boat Veterans For Bush: One Bill Reitwiesner, who identifies himself as an "amateur genealogist", says that Barack Obama's family on his white mother's side were slave-owners... ..and if the Democratic Party doesn't get the message this time around, then they'll believe whatever the administration says regarding evidence of WMDs' in Iran...
20. The FDA is set to approve - against everyone else's better judgment - a controversial new cow anti-biotic guaranteed to trigger the launch of new and ever-more potent antibiotic resistant bugs.
21. In Iran, More than 23 women activists have been arrested for protesting outside a courthouse in Tehran. They were there to show solidarity with five women on trial for organizing a rally last June against laws discriminating against women. (For the record, the current interpretation of Sharia Law, under which women are treated so badly are a product of poverty and lack of education which are in turn the deliberate products of the West's attitude toward Arab nations. It's the same as in America; poverty and lack of education lead to religious fundamentalism which distort the original teachings any way you cut it... )
22. Through Afghani Glass Darkly: In Afghanistan, if the Taliban bombs a stone Buddha, that's bad. If American troops repeatedly kill innocent civilians, well, that's Good Will... .
23. The government of Kuwait has quit.
24. The Chinese are spending more on defense... . Presumably to fend off the Americans when they come knocking at the door demanding refinancing of their massive debt...
25. The Ivory Coast government and the rebel movement have signed an accord in a new attempt to revive the country's stalled peace process.
26. Aussie-led peacekeepers in East Timor have taken control of the town when a rebel leader and his men have been under siege for weeks.