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Video of Arrests at Office of Oregon Senator Gordon Smith

On Friday, March 2, 2007, constituents of Oregon Senator Gordon Smith were again denied an audience with members of his staff, and two were arrested for trespass.
Arrested for tespassing when seeking to speak with Sen. Gordon Smith
Arrested for tespassing when seeking to speak with Sen. Gordon Smith

This is the sixth episode with two people being arrested for seeking an audience with their Senator since the first of the year when Smith made a blistering speech condemning the war as "absurd and maybe even criminal."

Since that time members of the group, Defund the War have visited his office weekly, demanding, in light of his earlier pronouncements, that he announce his plans to deny any future funding for the war. Smith has refused to make a statement either way, and in fact no longer allows these constituents even to go beyond the lobby in the building where his offices are located.

On this day, security asked the two people wishing to speak with a Smith representative and deliver written statements to leave or be arrested. When they refused, 911 was called, though this was far from an emergency, as the protesters were peaceful and the relationship with security during the 15 minute wait for the police to arrive was congenial and without incident.

When the police arrived all were asked to leave the premises, including the one independent media who was present.

This is video of the period of time between the arrival of those bearing an anti war message to Smiths office and their final arrests, including a brief interview with Kerry Bassett, a media spokesperson for the group.

Video of Arrests

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Heros 06.Mar.2007 11:07


These resisters are my heros!

Thanks for the video. The picture and sound are slightly fuzzy, but one gets the message. Keep on!