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ilaKAl Neighborhood Litter Watch

Resolving the Litter Problem in PDX
Stop The Litter in Beautiful Emerald City!
Stop The Litter in Beautiful Emerald City!
The incredible amount of litter in Portland has been bothering me for a while, and I have made it my personal pet project in whatever neighborhood I have lived in, for 6 months now.

I have been picking up litter in the Emerald City, Piedmont District (N-NE Portland) for two weeks now, and it really does not look any better! I took a placard into the Taco Bell on MLK & Lombard, and asked them to please display it, as most of the trash is Taco Bell trash. I received a blank stare as if they had never heard of such a thing.

Maybe I have had too many apples for breakfast, or too many hot toddies for lunch, but I am just irritated.

I have chosen to start up a small Litter Watch program of my own, as I
Truly Believe in the Power of One,
and have created a little form letter than any of you can use. You can drop this off or mail it to any businesses in your neighborhood that are not keeping their property cleaned up.

In regards to bus stop litter, Trimet's response to phone calls and emails has been very disappointing, and I will be addressing that issue as soon as I find the time. I highly doubt Mayor Potter will even give the issue a second glance, so I am not bothering to suggest calling/writing him on the issue. I believe this is an issue the community needs to resolve on it's own.

Thank you for humoring me.

<a href=" http://www.invisiblemagick.com/littergone.pdf">Letter for Littering Businesses</a>


homepage: homepage: http://www.invisiblemagick.com

i applaud 04.Mar.2007 22:03

your efforts

and while this suggestion might seem contrary to what you are doing
maybe think of gathering one business's trash..like Taco Hell's
then go to Taco Hell, leave your placard on an empty table, along with the collected
Taco Bell garbage ......... maybe they will get the message

power of one 05.Mar.2007 01:12


Thanks for your effort--the power of one is really the only thing that works, when you get down to it. Never buying mass culture's crap is essential--because no matter how many styro clamshells and plastic/paper cups and plastic water bottles you throw away(where is away, anyway?), they'll be making more as long as people keep buying the stuff. And in a way, picking up the crap could be construed as helping the pirates keep stuffing it down our throats--the mess is invisible--though I also pick up litter , because it's so sad to see it.

I LOVE IT! 05.Mar.2007 15:11


I never thought of leaving the trash on one of the tables! Thank you Thank you Thank you! Perfect! I stick it in their can, but that is awesome, I am all giggly just thinking about my next litter day. Tee Hee!!

I will say tho', MLK to Dekum IS starting to look a LITTLE better. Hot Toddy's sending me down a b**chy road...I've been down that road before, I know where it leads..

Emerald City 05.Mar.2007 20:08


I thought Seattle was the Emerald City...

TriMet's dirty litter secret 21.Mar.2007 17:18


I am writing a story for The Multnomah Village Post (SW Portland) about TriMet's "dirty litter secret." If you would be interested in contributing, please contact me at 503-771-9984 or  don@multnomahpost.com.

Don Snedecor