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I was born in America, but I don't know where I am now.
The attached poem I wrote while I was in jail for christmas and New Years. I was in jail, because I refused to pay for a dent they put in their police car with my head while I was hancuffed. I was assualted by a bouncer because of mistaken Identity. Then beaten up and mugged by Portland Police. they stole $50 out of my wallet, Choked and beat me up while hancuffed. After never being read my rights and being denied a call to a lawer and a request for a for a breathalizer test so I could prove I wasn't drunk. I was put in an isolation cell where I sat Bleeding and in extreme pain from a badly sprained ankle do to a boot from a cop until 11:30am The next morning so they could get there story straight.

That was a great poem Shane 04.Mar.2007 01:20

Fred Bauer

Yeah, I hear you. I don't know what happened to America either. Just a few years ago I thought it was the greatest country in the world. Maybe the situation had been getting worse over time, but I never really noticed until things went to hell in a hand basket. People said it couldn't happen here, but damn if it didn't. I used to always wonder how dictators could get people to follow them. Now I know. And it's progressed down to brown shit level as your experience with the dent in the squad car indicates.