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"This Hurts Women!"

Spotted at Fred Meyer, a cutout on a popular cosmetic proclaiming "THIS HURTS WOMEN"!
Passing through Fred Meyer today, I spotted a photocopied slip of paper proclaiming "THIS HURTS WOMEN!" on a can of Sally Hanses Airbrush Legs- which I believe is a popular aerosol spray-on cosmetic, meant for use on the legs... supposedly to hide imperfections (you know- those little things that are a part of us... birthmarks? Veins? That cute little freckle you have on your thigh? Those are imperfect. Hide them).

It was taped onto a can of it, and apparently the employees hadn't caught it yet, though someone had turned it around. So I made sure it was visible, but left wondering what it was about. Why does it hurt women? Who's in on this? Where can I obtain more information and do a little guerilla education myself?

P.S. Your legs are perfect already. I love them. And your gorgeous face, too. You, right there! Damn, you're a beautiful human.

personal action 04.Mar.2007 07:45


Guerrilla action similar to what you found in Freddies is easy to do. You don't need to be 'taught' how to do it. Simply put your message out there on the shelves. I do it all the time. Strangely, I got the idea from finding a Fundamentalist call to Christ in a library book. You get inspiration in the weirdest places sometimes.

As to why the leg spray 'hurts women'...seems you did a pretty good job of explaining that yourself.

feminist stickering made easier 17.Mar.2007 10:10


Here are two great places to get feminist stickers you can use on your own.


"Items on this blog are for amusement, and for private use in the home only.

They are not intended for the covers or bar codes of pornographic materials or any other corporate or private property. We take no responsibility for illegal fixture to corporate property such as shop windows, displays, news stands and shelving etc."

There's also the classic former Portlander herself, one angry girl, and her plethora of patriarchy popping products.