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Who can help us now?


G. W. Bush --For crimes against humanity, torture of prisoners, treason, the murder of unknown people of New Orleans, and for the suffering of military members of the armed forces of the United States of America.

Dick Cheney--For the torture of prisoners, the corruption of the government of the United States. The invasion of Iraq, the murder of over 600,000 Iraqis.

Donald Rumsfeld-- For conducting an illegal war of aggression against a sovereign nation. For the sending of our beloved military into an illegal war unprepared, without any concern about their protection and or safety. For allowing soldiers, wounded in action, to be placed in unsanitary conditions causing great harm and stress to our heroes. For lying to Congress and the American people on many occasions.

Condoleezza Rice--For lying to Congress, stopping or changing intelligence reports to Congress. Lying to the American people on numerous occasions, treason.

Republican Leadership--For not holding hearings to determine the truth of the reasons for war. Refusing to investigate the torture of prisoners. For the refusal to investigate the corruption of the Bush Administration from the President on down to his cabinet.

Majority Leader Reid--for continuing to enable the Executive Branch to continue the occupation of Iraq.

Speaker of the House, Pelosi--For refusing to start impeachment hearingS against the President and Vice President for war crimes and other violations of international treaties---listed above. For continuing to enable the Executive Branch to continue the occupation of Iraq.


Gordon Smith---for refusing to stop the occupation of Iraq, even when he calls the action criminal. For arresting citizens who try to petition his office in Portland. Treason.

Ron Wyden---for refusing to stop the funding for the occupation in Iraq, for refusing to come out and say impeachment must happen now. For allowing this occupation to go on for another year or so and sacrificing our soldiers for a lost cause. Treason

Earl Blumenauer---For refusing to call for the
Impeachment of the President and Vice President and the indictment of all who have caused this nation so much pain. For continuing the funding of the occupation and destruction of Iraq. Treason.

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Impeachement. 04.Mar.2007 14:25


Thank you, lone vet, for this inclusive list of players.Because of the last 3 names on the list most peace activists embedded with the Dems will ignore this post. They have been very good at exposing the lies of their opposition, but refuse to address the rot in their own group.