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Sustainable Energy in Motion Bike Tours - a scam?

Dear Bike Community:

I'm sorry to intrude on the classifieds, but I want to make sure you are all aware of this local company that seems, to me, like a real scam.

Recently, someone who I think is the owner of Sustainable Energy in Motion Bike Tours / Democracy Bike, Vladislav, told me:

"go find yourself another job and quit wasting my time."
At the end of my message prior to that I had **thanked him for his time** and that is how he replied.

I was looking into his internship program so I asked what it was all about
and he said "We design the internship program around each applicant."

I know a lot about non-profits (worked in that industry for 8 years) so
that response wasn't the level or organization I was looking for. I
merely responded with a "thanks but no thanks" and mentioned I was looking for something a little more structured.He also told me "I am going to guess you're not from around here, and if so, may I suggest
you consider another town for your internship?"

And then "I also would suggest going more, erm, corporate...If you want a boring 9-5 corporate experience, go work for Worldcom or

Enron or Microsoft."

I was apalled! I am from Portland.

Anyway, this all seems VERY rude and I wouldn't trust his company!


I'm also suspicious 04.Mar.2007 17:26


I somehow got on their emailing list, not once but twice, and found it nearly impossible to get off. I had asked them several times to take me off, but found that they would not until I started to get nasty. I found the tone of their marketing way too aggressive and in-your-face. So this rudeness does not surprise me.

Sustainablitity Rider Summer 2006 08.Apr.2007 07:48

Colorado Rockies Bicycle Rider nabramson@covad.net

You are correct that this group is marginal. First of all Sustainable Energy in Motion Bike Tours company is FOR PROFIT. Second of all, I was on the ride last summer. I would not recommend the ride as I was hungry during the trip because not enough food was provided. I am a Colorado rider and know how important food is for an enjoyable ride. I also felt that unsafe because I had no maps for the trip. We traveled in pairs and many people did get lost because the leaders provided incomplete directions and no maps. The discussions were one-sided and often not relevent to sustainablity, which is why I went. For a group that promotes democracy on paper, democracy was no where during the process of deciding what was for dinner or where to go next. The ride decisions and discussions were dictated and lectured to the riders. Sure the ride sounds good on paper, but I would not recommend the trip because of safety, comfort, and democracy concerns.