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Sodexho Contract Terminated by PSU Administration

PSU administration has decided to terminate the food services contract with multinational corporation Sodexho.
On Wednesday of this week, PSU administration informed multi-national corporation, private prison supporter and current PSU food service contract holder Sodexho of their decision to terminate their contract with the company effective June 31st. Now is the time for students, activists and everyone who has a stake in this decision to weigh in and ensure that administration and whoever takes Sodexho's place observes the values of the PSU community. This is not a rumor. An official PSU administration announcement will be coming at any time. This is our opportunity to influence the food service change that we want to see!

yup 22.Mar.2007 08:03


They've already announced it...they're bringing Aramark back, which is just as bad. :(

Terminated contract 08.May.2007 12:59


Does anyone know why the contract was terminated? The Ashland, Or. School District has a contract with Sodexho also, is there any special reason for the contract termination?