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The International Criminal Court Is a Racist!

Holy pigmentation, the president of Sedan is black guy! I thought the western media said he was an Arab. Oh, he's a Muslim with a Muslim name like millions of black people in Africa.
Lt. Gen. Omar Ahmad al-Bashir, President of Sudan
Lt. Gen. Omar Ahmad al-Bashir, President of Sudan
The International Criminal Court Is a Racist!

By Lloyd Hart

It was announced this week by the International Criminal Court that two members of the Sudanese government are guilty of war crimes and human rights violations. In the face of the mass genocide the United States of America has committed in Iraq and on top of the international criminal court's ruling that Serbia as a state was not responsible for the massacre of Bosnian Muslims at Srebrenica, Bosnia, the International Criminal Court has placed itself in the light of day and the light of day has revealed a racist institution clearly practicing a double standard for whites as opposed to blacks, a double standard for America as opposed to Africa. A double standard for Christians as opposed to Muslims

Without even mentioning the fact that it was the southern rebels in the Darfur region of Sudan with the backing of right wing Christian fanatics from the United States who have infiltrated the U.S. government to the highest levels that started the war in Darfur in the first place, the international court has fired a shot on behalf of the racist administration sitting in the White House and the Pentagon in what is a racist resource war, America being the racist using the southern rebels in Darfur as their pawns.

Why was the word genocide used by then Secretary of State General Colin Powell only after Franklin Graham lobbied Powell on behalf of the southern rebels in Darfur, Franklin Graham being the son and heir apparent of christian religious fanatic Billy Graham. Why is there no coverage in the Western media of the murder, rape and pillage perpetrated by the southern rebels against the northern tribes in Darfur. Why is the Western media portraying the conflict in Darfur as a racial one between Arabs and black Africans when genetically the southern tribes and the northern tribes in Darfur are more or less racially the same people and in fact intermarried but of several different religions and languages, the southern tribes are generally Christians and animist and the northern tribes tended to be Muslim. Why is the Western media saying the government in Sudan is Arab when in fact almost all of the Sudan is black African.

Just last night on Bill Maher's show on HBO U.S, Congressman Barney Frank claimed that there was an ethnic element in Darfur crisis. That the people who are being devastated by genocide were black Africans and the government of Sudan was dominated by Arabs. Barney Frank fomenting a racism in as part of the cause of the genocide in Darfur?

Ahmed Muhammed Harun junior minister for humanitarian affairs and Ali Mohammed Ali Abd-al-Rahman who the international criminal court says was a janjaweed militia leader known as Ali Kushayb are also both very black.

The fact is that the Christian and animist populations makeup the vast majority of the people that live in Darfur region of Sudan and there have been abuses on both sides of this fight which the southern rebels started. If anything the southern rebels had been very ineffective in defending the villages from which they recruit fighters and of course use as cover in their attempt to control territory which has caused a terrible refugee crisis. But to say that the crisis in Darfur is all one-sided, that the Janjaweed and the Sudanese government are the ones to blame for it all is just a foolish absurdity.

The biggest reason the southern rebels have been created covertly by the U.S. government along with support from American right wing christian fanatics, who have long a history of resource exploitation through proselytizing their psychotic brand of Christianity in Africa, is because the Darfur region is loaded full of some of the world's largest deposits of natural gas. Not one reporter in the Western press has mentioned this or where the southern rebels get their financial and military support. Well, when you follow the money it leads directly back to the United States government and to right wing Christian fanatics here in the U.S..

The government of Sudan is well within its rights to defend itself against this aggression from the southern rebels who are backed by the U.S. government. The U.S. government which is in a bid to do to Sudan what the U.S. is attempting to do to the entire region, force the government of Sudan to open its nation up to U.S. exploitation of its resources. That is why the U.S. was behind the other southern rebels in the other much larger region of southern Sudan where by the way the grievances were settled and members of the southern rebels in that conflict became part of the Sudanese government and its cabinet as a result of the negotiations between the two parties. So if we were to examine more closely what Barney Frank said on Bill Maher were pure lies and propaganda designed to paint Arabs as racists when in fact it is America attempting to create racial and tribal divisions for the explicit purpose of raping the region's economic heritage. In reality there are black Africans sitting in cabinet posts if we are to believe that somehow Arabs' control a nation that is 99 percent black African.

The problem in Darfur is that the U.S. did not get what it wanted out of backing the other rebels in the other much greater region of southern Sudan which was to exploit Sudan's oil and gas resources so the U.S. is using the southern rebels in Darfur as holdouts in order to secure a portion of the exploitation of Darfur's immense untapped supplies of natural gas. The U.S. is also keeping the rebels in Darfur well-armed so that the issue of Darfur and the U.S. covert and proxy presence there can act as a bulkhead against an overwhelming mass of rebels in neighboring Chad from toppling the government there which is why the U.S. now supports placing U.N. troops in Darfur so those same UN troops to move quickly and easily to defend Chad's capital and a corrupt government friendly to the United States but radically exploitative of its own people.

The question everyone should be asking themselves especially in America is, how long is this racism that the West foments and uses against smaller weaker nations going to stop. For without the racism as their flag I don't think Americans and Europeans would find so easy to continue to commit mass genocide against people of skin color in nations whose borders were created primarily by racist European colonial powers for the purpose of exploitation of resources that has continued to force the people of Africa to live in poverty and disease to this day.

In this age of the collapse of the global ecology are we going to continue fomenting racism as a means to stay top dog while we force people skin color to starve to death. If this is the case people of skin color and white folk of conscience need to unite and work to completely cut America and Europe off from continued violent exploitation of resources outside their own borders and force America and Europe to pay a fair human and ecologically sound price for resources they want from the rest of world. Africa needs to save itself from racist European and American exploitation of its resources. If you unite Africa and the boot the Europeans and Americans out you will no longer starve and fight each other on behalf of the racist European and American goals to steal your economic heritage.