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Strykers in Tacoma! Action at Noon

Action at noon

Military vehicles are coming through the Port of Tacoma en route to Iraq. The
military's decision to send convoys in the middle of the night on Friday is an
obvious response to the militant resistance they encountered May 2006 at the
Port of Olympia, which was met with pepperspray and other methods of assault as
well as 22 arrests of civil disobedience activists, and a reaction to the recent
organizing in preparation for resistance to the next military shipment.

50+ military vehicles were observed Friday night, including 22+ Stryker
vehicles, in addition to the other hummers, trucks, soldiers, and vehicles with
missiles. Up to 300 vehicles may be expected in total this weekend. The war
machine is in our backyard.

Be present and take action now. We anticipate activists from throughout the

Port of Tacoma resistance meetup
Sat 3/3 at 12 noon
inside Port of Tacoma at E 11th & Port of Tacoma Rd, near terminal 4

To get to Port of Tacoma:
I-5 to exit 136 B (Port of Tacoma)
Follow to Port of Tacoma Rd
Take Port of Tacoma Rd until E 11th.
Left on E 11th
Follow until Milwaukee. Find our people and park there.

If you can't come to the meeting, come to the port as soon as possible.

The military knows they're not welcome in Olympia, and they need to know that
Tacoma will not be complicit in their plans for war. Regardless of the tactics
we choose, we must do something.

They are counting on your absence.