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How do I confront/expose pornoggers?

A brief article asking others how do I stop a local whorehouse/skinshop/red light district from getting worse.
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How do I confront/expose pornoggers?
I think I found a pornoggers apartment in my town and I need advice.

The apartment is a skanky looking building on the outside and the blinds in the windows of most of the rooms are always shut. My biggest hint that there are 'See-Throughs' here was spotting a "squirrel van" and a frail but assertive man loading a studio sized camera into a wooden roll-up compartment in the rear of his dirt-covered white van.

Today I walked by two women who live there, one girl whom I've seen enter or exit the building before. The one I hadn't seen before today was carrying a cotton sack. It was her hand's carrying posture that gave her away somehow. I'm not a cop and I don't make a habit of trying to find pornoggers in fact it's just the opposite I keep away from that silliness but anyway this girl looked, to me, kind of dirty. She wasn't a student being one myself I could easily tell but what I noticed more was judging by her gait she did not seem to be gainfully employed or legitimately occupied with seeking truth.

As I came up behind her she was looking straight ahead and her eyes were fearfully sad. She showed no outward emotion yet had an erratic form of body movement. I walked ahead of her then looked behind me and saw her make a quick right turn into this apartment. At the same time the woman who I'd seen before left in a hurry. She seemed less skanky but looked like she was going nowhere fast and had the same erratically wrong body behavior I've seen in male chicken noogers (not tired, high or drunk -- she was emanating sexual fear or fear of sexual violence). She got into a car with an Oregon license plate that had a blue background and white lettering, whatever that is (might be hud/disabled).

It would be a waste of time to tell the cops about this I think because they won't do anything unless minors are involved. I could tell some neighborhood kids about the skankiness if they don't already know about it and they could make stencils and tag (graffiti) the building with something creative like a stenciled camera filming those stenciled Super Mario Bros ghosts who hide their faces when Mario is facing them.

I could write an article in the student paper but they would want my name plus facts & figures. All I have is baseless supposition and a strong hunch. Maybe I should find out who are the johns getting their poles polished and doing power U's. I could find the film distributor and threaten to expose the filming location to local church groups (NOT evangelicals) but that would mean I have to dig through porn sites and match faces to who I've spotted already. I am certainly not going to do that. For all I know it is just one apartment..

It makes me wonder if this is a private profit venture for web sites, or a local private profit group who buys the chicken nooge internally for local use and distribution, OR it's a public/private venture since the hud types may be in on it.

That is a lot of speculation 02.Mar.2007 17:33


Why don't you go and meet your neighbors? Maybe they aren't what you think they are. If they are filming pornography in your neighborhood then go around and talk to your other neighbors and make them aware of the fact. Perhaps talk to your neighborhood association. The key is going out and being part of the neighborhood, and not spying on your neighbors and fearing the worse.

perhaps there are sex slaves in building 02.Mar.2007 17:36


Could conceivably be perfectly legal 02.Mar.2007 20:57


Could they not just be filming pornos (which IS legal) for their own jollies?
In that case, it's no-ones business but their's alone.

Maybe 02.Mar.2007 22:42


So first of all you are judging people on their gait and appearance. I really shouldn't have to explain this one. Just don't do it. If you are really that concerned you should talk to them or do some investigating to find out what is really going on. This is like saying "I was at a protest and there were some kids wearing masks, how do I approach the police about anarchist-terrorist kids running rampant in the streets?" or "I saw some black kids standing around on a street corner, should I report gang activity?" Don't judge on appearances. Second of all, if they are filming porn, it is legal, as long as there are no minors involved. We have freedom of speech and of the press- if they want to film something, even something that offends you, then so be it, they can. If there is something illegal going on, or if you think there is, call the police and report it. If these people are doing something legal undoubtedly they face legal questions all the time and will deal with the cops- occupational hazard. If something illegal IS going on, then good, you have helped out the community.

My point is that it is your job as a member of a community to help police, but it is not your job to nosily intrude on other peoples' business. There is a fine line, and I suggest that you do some more investigation on your own before involving spray-painting neghborhood kids or the cops, you could end up defacing innocent peoples' property or needlessly harassing innocent people. However, if you feel like you need to act, do so, but do it after informing yourself about the situation. Keep us updated!

"nobody else's business" 03.Mar.2007 18:44

life in a degrading, unassailable marketplace

There are plenty of things that are "legal" that are bad and should be stopped.

Many people feel that manufacturing pornography -- like retailing fur, torturing monkeys for science, or shipping weapons to the Middle East -- is one of those things.

Pointing out that something is legal doesn't prove anything.