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0302 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Friday, March 2nd, 2007.
0302 Get This
0302 Get This
03/02/07 Get This
sui generis

1. Logging Off:: Oregon Senator Ron Wyden vowed yesterday to force a vote on a bill to continue payments to rural counties hurt by the failure of the administration to come up with a plan for the State's logged-out economy. (There has just got to be something out there that is at least as innovative and income-generating as sawing logs... )
2. House On Fire: The Oregon House passed a suite of energy bills yesterday that proponents say could drive agricultural growth (Energy plus agriculture usually equal GM crops... ) and fuel (No pun intended) outside investment (Translation: agribusiness).
3. The Guv is happy that the German company SolarWorld AG pulling its plant out of Vancouver and putting down in Hillsboro. (Why is it always other countries that have the good ideas and export them to America? Ah, that's right; The education here is producing consumers rather than inventors and we have destroyed the unions, flooding the workplace with cheap labor. That explains it... )
4. Portland celebrates International Women's Day on Sunday. (But Monday morning it's back to same of Empire of the Drones... )
5. Step On The Gas: Liquefied Natural Gas vampires are getting a little ahead of themselves. The permitting process for the proposed terminals is still just that, in process and already the Coast Guard has been goaded into weighing in on the site at Bradwood Landing.
6. Airbus workers unions in France are going on strike over job cuts. (Watch how fast Airbus management moves the plants to the US where there is virtually no job protection left at all... .Hillsboro, you just grew wings... )
7. Get Organized: Democrats passed a labor law yesterday that would make it easier to start unions against the will of companies. But don't open the champagne yet: Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell has pledged to block the bill and the White House says Bush will veto the measure if it lands on his desk. (But, hey, it looks good on thee Dem's curriculum vitae... .)
8. We're All Outsiders, Now: Amid the smoking ruins of Wall Street, prosecutors managed to find a few bloodsuckers still, well, sucking blood. One of The Street's biggest insider trading syndicates got nicked this week. (I guess it's hard to cover your tracks when you're on quicksand... )
9. Plantation Nation: Just last year, Colorado cowboys shot themselves in the boots by passing tough new laws against undocumented migrants - thus removing the greater part of the State's farm labor force from the State (That leaves the aerospace industry and meth labs to shore up the economy... ). So the plan is pay prisoners sixty cents a day to do work in the fields. Even anti-immigration bigots were stunned... .
10. DisreGuarded: An independent panel concludes that the National Guard and Reserves don't have the resources or equipment to kill total strangers overseas... . Or even to protect Americans in the event of domestic disaster (Which is a virtual certainty, given our seeming inability to curb our consumption and stop poking other nations with out pointy little sticks... )
11. Operation Operation: Major General George Weightman was amputated from the Walter Reed Medical Center after the Washington Post reported on the rats, the mold, the filthy living conditions... and that was just in the residences... .
12. Impermafrost: A delegation of Inuit is in Washington this week to explain to the Bush administration that its execrable record on controlling emissions is causing their villages to sink slowly in the West... ..taking the creatures they depend on with it. (Bush To Inuit: Y'all can work on the pipeline or go to Colorado and be on a chain gang... )
13. Winter storms walloped the Midwest.
14. Tornados trampled out the Vintage Where The Grapes Of Wrath Are Stored, i.e.; Alabama. (Local meteorologists in the southern states hit hardest by the storms said they had never seen anything like the extreme weather.)
15. National meteorologists say that the next hurricane season is going to be massive.
16. Under The Boardwalk: And the United Nations has this to say to wealthy developers: 'You might want to develop farther from shore... '
17. This year was the first since record-keeping began (1876) that Tokyo had a snowless winter. (On a positive note, the Japanese megalopolis isn't under water like the Inuit villages. On a negative note, maybe when it is, the last of the whales will wreak revenge on their tormenters... )
18. China is reviewing its notorious "re-education through labor" system whereby people convicted of minor crimes and political dissent are sent to labor camps for up to four years (Just like in Colorado, only the sentences here are longer... )
19. The Day That Time Stood Still: Video footage of 9/11 news coverage features the BBC news anchor announcing the collapse of Building Seven, twenty minutes before the building collapsed.
20. Our Man In Havana: Australian detainee David Hicks says, Sure there's torture at Guantanamo Bay.
21. Explosions rocked Baghdad again this week. Only this time it was the Americans bringing democracy to assorted neighborhoods across the ravaged city instead of those nasty "insurgents" attacking innocent civilians... .
22. The mainstream press gleefully reports that an "al-Qaeda-linked Sunni group is claiming to have kidnapped 18 Iraqi government workers and soldiers". And they have the home movies to prove it!
23. At an orthodox synagogue in Teaneck, New Jersey a project is under way aimed at getting American Jews to fill the financial gap left after the Israeli government decided to eliminate subsidies (US tax-payers' money, you see... ) for building in the West Bank by encouraging them to purchase second homes in one of the many existing illegal settlements. (Speak up Hillary... I can hardly hear you... )
24. The Israeli jackboot has come down hard on Nablus again today.
25. The Israeli human rights group (Oxymoron?) B'tselem says that Israel is guilty of war crimes (Well of course! After all, they learned from the best... )
26. The twin military dictatorships, the US and Pakistan announced the capture of the Taliban Defense Minister - or at least some patsy made up to look like him from a distance... ..)
27. South Korea won't send aid to North Korea until the North puts down the nukes - this despite the fact that Reuters yesterday reported that it looked like North Korea had very little in the way of military-grade devices.
28. Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade is still president after a hotly contested election. (Senegal is the only African nation not to have suffered a coup since its inception... Wait! No, never mind... .)
29. Silvio Berlusconi is offering his support to Romano Prodi. (That's a little like having George Bush help you campaign in Portland... )