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imperialism & war

Washington County Peace Vigil 2-28-07

video of wednesday night
Over 50 people attended our Peace Vigil in Beaverton @ 5th and Hall from 6:30 to 7:30.Please join us to protest this unjust occupation and corrupt administration.Bring the soldiers, air force personnel and sailors home now!


Please join us 02.Mar.2007 10:42

Troy Horton troyhroton@centurytel.net

We need your help to stop this immoral war in Iraq. Join us in civil resistance at Senator Gordon Smith's office (In the World Trade Center). People are asking him to walk his talk and agree to stop funding the Iraq war, which he has called absurd and criminal.

The campaign is designed to show that people feel strongly enough about stopping the war that they will take the step of being arrested. To find out more about this campaign please go to the web sit www.defundthewar.com and join us.


Troy Horton