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Frustrated Activist

I wanted to write a quick comment about the event Wednesday evening that my partner and I attended put on by the 911 Truth group. I am disappointed but not surprised that the people at Laughing Horse Book Store made the final call to cancel the event which was thankfully relocated to The Lucky Lab.
I wanted to write a quick comment about the event Wednesday evening that my partner and I attended put on by the 911 Truth group. I am disappointed but not surprised that the people at Laughing Horse Book Store made the final call to cancel the event which was thankfully relocated to The Lucky Lab. Since it is all about the "group" that you belong to here in Portland I guess I would have to say that I am a part of the "group" (leftwingers) that frequents places like Laughing Horse. Mary Starrett on the other hand is not from this such "group". She may be conservative.. christian.. wear nice suits.. whatever, but she is on the same team as us all in regards to her discontent for our corrupt government. The topics that she spoke of are all things that we as "activists" agree on. She is helping the cause by getting the word out there.. the truth out there and in my opinion she may be more beneficial in reaching out to the people in the "group" (right wing??) from which she belongs. Why is it that we must separate ourselves.. ban ourselves from practicing our activism in places that might not be of our specific "group"? I keep putting the word group in quotes because I feel that it is absolutely ridiculous, ignorant, egotistical and counter-productive for ALL OF US who are activists in our own different ways.. from our own different backgrounds to work against each other in this way. I am Vegan and at one point I carried on in this manner. If you were not Vegan as well, I felt you were selfish and wanted nothing to do with you. I have thankfully since grown and realized that everyone is in their own place at their own time. I was not always Vegan. Was I selfish back before I learned the reasons why I needed to stop supporting the industry?
In my opinion and in the opinions of others who I have spoken to regarding the activist community here in Portland, we are not getting anything done. Sure we have little "social gatherings" where we meet in the form of support groups but where is this getting us? Why can't we all.. ALL OF US who want for the same thing.. to end this government's control over us, work together. Why can't we work in support of each other to educate others who might not have the understanding yet, but if presented with the facts just might step over the line and join our side.. the activist side where we can all eventually unite in the streets with our common goal and actually accomplish something. Not everyone takes to education in the same way. For some a protest might ignite the curiosity which in turn may lead someone to research the truth, for others banner drops, for others seeing someone like Mary who they may have heard on the radio might get them out of the house to hear what she has to say. Whatever your method to educate the public may be, they are all effective but if we start censoring or hindering each others efforts we are only working against ourselves.
I ask that you really think about this and not take offense. I have respect for all that I have seen the activists in this community do. We are all fighting on the same team.. working in the same direction. If we could somehow unite and become one large combined force despite the details and battle together, not each other we just might be able to take over and get our communities back. We can then work on all of the little things that are the result of the one problem.. our government.
My intention is not to specifically call out this one instance. It happens all over the city. We can not have this speaker here.. we can not show this movie there.. we are only in support of this specific group.. we can not support that group because their politics do not completely mirror ours.. blah blah blah. It is frustrating. I love Portland's energies but would love to see a combined energy.. a stronger energy. Things are progressing so rapidly. The Real ID act is just around the corner guys. What is it going to take??

not a left/right issue 02.Mar.2007 15:27


>> What is it going to take

Well, for one thing it's going to take people not working with fascists. I don't see why you wish to try and portray this as a left/right issue when it's really a fascist/libertarian issue. Starret has built a legacy of trying to take away the freedoms of others. She's a fascist who will be just as happy to put people in camps as the Bush supporters (the same people too). She doesn't want to end government control over people; she just wants to be the one in control as her actions have demonstrated repeatedly. Those of us who cherish freedom and liberty will not support a person with such a history. I'm sorry that you 9/11 "truth" folks failed to do the required research to spare your group from looking naive, ignorant, and gullible, but that's your problem not mine. Next time, do the research. If you want to work with fascists, you can expect anti-fascists to not only not work with you, but to actively oppose you. And before asking others to think about a situation you may want to consider that it is others who already have more information, and it is you who needs to do the thinking. In other words, educate yourself before asking others to do the same.


yes, left right 02.Mar.2007 20:26


Exactly. The so-called truth movement is lining up with racists, holocaust deniers, and fascists. Sorry, that is nothing to do with political differences. If you, say like Mary Starrett, hate dem niggers, that is not a political difference, and you don't deserve any support from anyone aside from such reprehensible folks. That's what comes from living in a bubble.

your cynicism will only aid the enemy 02.Mar.2007 23:14

Truth Move

LOL this hardly represents the entire 9/11 truth movement. This movement is increasingly global in nature. Don't underestimate it. Our numbers continue to grow as denial and obstinance gives way to primal lust for truth and justice. The dam will soon break. In the meantime we have counter-intelligence efforts to guard and fight against. For instance, anyone who claims to believe that "no planes struck the twin towers" is obvious dis-info designed to keep the wedge between mainstream America and the growing number of truth activists.
Anarchists of all groups should be the most ashamed of their cowardly behavior since 9/11/01, in terms of its reluctance to investigate for themselves as well as their venomous contempt for those who DO investigate themselves rather than taking the corporate media and government at its word when it's lied about almost everything since W stole office.
Wake up so-called progressives. Your gatekeeping tactics will not withstand this coming storm.

gatekeepers 03.Mar.2007 14:44


Anarchists/leftists are not gatekeepers. It's the Right that controls the mainstream media because they are the MSM.

Bill is correct. It's increasingly obvious that those who benefit from much of the "truth" movement are the Right. It wouldn't surprise me if Bush/Cheney are behind much of it.