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Benefit screening of THE FALL '01, "...one of the most potent artistic responses to war and state terrorism perpetrated by our government I've ever seen..." - Brett Campbell - Eugene Weekly
Soul of Torture
Soul of Torture
Fundraiser video screening of the world premiere of THE FALL '01 entry free donations only please.

Joint Fundraising event for PDX 911 TRUTH, Recruiter Watch PDX and the '07 US premiere/tour by AGNIESZKA LASKA DANCERS

Video archive from Queretaro, Mexico, where the choreographic drama by Agnieszka Laska and Luis Arreguin to the musical score by Jack Gabel and image montages by Takafumi Uehara, premiered 9/11 '06.

At 45 min. in duration, THE FALL '01 is a choreographic multimedia drama on terror, war and torture, depicting the wholesale dehumanization of the Global War Of Terror - a civilization at the precipice of its fall - not for the faint of heart.

THE FALL '01 video received an INSIGHT AWARD OF EXCELLENCE from the National Association of Film and Digital Media Artists, given to media works which make socially uplifting contributions in the field of media arts. This award was made to the DVD, produced from videographing the 11-12-13 September '06 world premiere performances at the Museo de la Ciudad, Queretaro, Mexico.

Supported in part by RACC, OAC, NPM, NFAA, Conaculta de Mexico, Conseco Estetal de Queretaro and Museo de la Ciudad de Queretaro.

homepage: homepage: http://www.thefall01.info/
phone: phone: (503) 281-4215
address: address: HOLLYWOOD THEATRE, 4122 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97212

See 1 min. trailer to THE FALL '01 02.Mar.2007 03:32

Jack Gabel

Flash trailer(1 min.)QuickTime trailer

WED. MARCH 14, 7PM 02.Mar.2007 03:38

Jack Gabel

Yes, this is the date and time of this screening. It's also been posted on the Calendar. The Hollywood Theatre's phone service will only offer the listing. if you need more information beyond what you can learn at  http://www.thefall01.info - feel free to call 503-715-1866 to discuss it.

poster and audio 02.Mar.2007 11:32

pdx911truth / glen http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pdx911truth/join

60 second audio promo (rush edit)

pdx911truth media meetup audio stream from which promo was extracted

media meetup podcast

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