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Homeless Have Rights Sit-In

Sit against sit-lie ordinance
Local homeless squaters rights activist are organizing a sit-in/rally against the sit-lie ordinance at waterfront park. We would love to see people come in solidarity and speak about their opinion on this bill they are trying to bill. The Mayor is saying that the 10 year plan to end homelessness has dropped 30% thinking that the plan has been successful when as many people getting off the street, just as many are on the street. The sit-lie ordinance is being voted upon this month of March. With this bill being past no one can sit or lie down in the downtown area.

Most homeless youth can go to selters but when shelters are full kids are forced to sleep outside. And most elder homeless folks are to old to go into shelters were youth are if their shelters are full. Forced to sleep under bridges were they are brutalized in their sleep or arrested and brutalized by police and or PBA funded clean and safe. This brutal actions have lead to deaths of many homeless and mentally disabled kids and adults many like the well known James Chasse who was kicked in the ribs for urinating in public when there is no bathrooms for public use.

We are look for alittle help if you are intrested. We are looking to find people who would like to organize Food not Bombs as a feed for the homeless on this day or speak. If you'd like to contact me at  Ohnny@gmail.com that would be great. I'm contacting the spokes person with the local newspaper for the and by the homeless "Street Roots".

Please contact me.

Bullhorn for speaking
Food not bombs
Extra supplys for signs.

We are fed up with the mistreatment help us help you.

March 14th
2:30 pm
Waterfront park
In between Hawthorn and morrison bridge
Bring a sign against sit-lie and bring your smiles and friends

I want to help, but... 02.Mar.2007 16:13


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