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Excellent Video -- Popcorn Required

The truth shall set you free
This video features the story of Project Camelot. Gordon Novel will be making
Project Camelot into a movie in 2008.....that is, if he survives to complete the
film. If Novel is killed, copies of this information will be immediately spread
over the internet and around the world. It will also cause the collapse the world
as we know it.

However, when you view this, you will realize that this glimpse of the future
will prove Novel successful, and that there will be many great changes that will
occur before the end of 2010.

You will have to watch the entire video, because there are several gems
hidden throughout the interview.

This video, 1 hour, 26 minutes, is well worth watching

For those people who have been researching this story for years, you will
recognize project names, and you will be able to connect the dots.
For those not in the know, well, let's just say that you are no longer in Kansas.
For those detractors who may cry disinformation, well, watch the video and
judge for yourself.

Go ahead, watch the video. You know you are intrigued, you know you want