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The Solution To 9/11

Walking Eagle (Dubya's Indian name) is still full of shit and unable to fly.
This video, 9 minutes, 40 seconds, shows the big clue everyone missed,
which provides the solution for 9/11.

 link to video.google.com

Immediately after the al CIAduh terrorist attack on the WTC on 9/11, the
government and medias began to program the sheeple with a gigantic spin
of lies about what happened on September 11 -- which the gullible public
accepted as factual --- the lies that were presented as facts by the U.S.
government and western medias -- long before it was possible for anyone to
have had the information or researched 9/11 to verify the truth.

must see video 01.Mar.2007 13:14


Iraq, the hidden story (UK channel 4) 48' 40
 link to video.google.fr