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Why do Evangelicals ignore Ron Paul for President??

This question has appeared in some blogs today and google alerts:
To understand this takes some doing, some effort, some reading, because it most certainly defies reason.

To start with, the books Messianic Legacy, and Holy Blood Holy Grail should be read and digested.

There are birth records in Europe, intact since their creation way back before and during back in Roman times, that were retrieved by the knights templar during the crusades...these were the birth records, the genealogies of Jewish royalty, secreted in the stables of the temple when Titus (?) and his legions sacked the city and destroyed the temple.

These records indicate in no uncertain terms that Yeshva ben Miriam, aka Jesus Christ, was actually from a large family, was in fact of royal blood, was married, and had children before before crucified. If not exactly king of the Jews, this descendent of the house of David was at least a close contender, enough so to attract the romans ire, and cause the ancient Killing Of The King Ritual to transpire. That ritual is demoralization of the enemy, whose latest incarnation was the Kennedy assassination, and has been practiced all through time.

This royal blood/lineage (The kids) of the so-called king of the Jews, Yeshva, Joshua, Jesus, was supposedly taken to France via his wife, the literal holy grail of the euro-christs blood, to become the royal line known as merovingian (?). This bloodline permeates many of the royal houses of Europe at this time, according to records still in existence and being held against the day the machinators can announce the second coming.

Evangelicals have been led to believe that george bush the second is the second Christ due to the royal blood of his mother, who derives somewhat from the house of Stewart, which i do believe had close ties to the templars as well, way back when. The evangelicals today are loathe to deviate from their prophecies, and all the action and strife in the middle east since jorge took power has been simply a reenactment to fulfill certain prophecies which will prove to the evangelicals and their flocks that jorge is in fact Jesus come again.

Sorry, but its an ignorant ignorant world.

Bill Gallagher
Hachita NM


Why do Evangelicals Ignore Ron Paul For President?

by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

Currently, Ron Paul is one of only a handful of congressmen that dares speak out against the emerging North American Union, NAFTA superhighway, and the Security and Prosperity Partnership agreement, all of which are being promoted by the White House in concert with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)......



why aren't religious nuts excited about a secular conservative 01.Mar.2007 20:48


> For his entire political career, Ron Paul has served foursquare upon the principles of
> constitutional (limited) government, less taxation, right to life, and personal liberty.

Evangelicals are ignoring Paul because, except for the right-to-life thing, they don't care about any of the listed issues, or about the "North American Union" (a multilingual, multicultural country, drive from Guadalajara to Vancouver BC without a passport -- yeah we wish). Evangelicals care about restoring Israel and bringing on the apocalypse. They've been voting Republican because Republicans say the Jesus words and talk about banning abortion (though they never do). That doesn't evangelicals ever cared about traditional early-20th-century Republican issues. Render unto Caesar, kneel to the Lord, that's what they're about.