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Bush warning of conspiracy theories

Shortly after the events of 9/11 didn't Bush say something to the effect of "Don't believe the conspiracy theories..."
I'm trying to jog my memory about the events of 9/11 and one stands out that I'd like to confirm. So far I haven't been successful using web searches.

Does anybody else remember Bush addressing the nation (either directly or through the press) shortly after 9/11 and saying something similar to "Don't believe the wild conspiracy theories that are circulating... blah, blah, blah... unity, unity... united, blah" I am almost positive he said something very similar to that shortly after 9/11. I'm 99% sure it was within a month after 9/11 but quite frankly I thought it was within a few days following 9/11.

I thought it strange at the time, because at the time a conspiracy theory was personally the furthest thing from my mind, and I hadn't personally seen any circulating on websites at that time (yet). Quite odd, in fact, and that is why I remember it.

Does anybody else remember him saying that?

Here it is on youtube 01.Mar.2007 08:58

Fred Bauer

Another thing I noticed was that MIT put out a in depth paper that supposedly explained the building "collapses" just a few days after 911, before it was really in question. The "Patriot Act" was probably prepared in advance as well.

date? 01.Mar.2007 09:13


Thanks - that was what I remembered. Do you know the date of the CSPAN video?

speech given on (or before) nov 10 01.Mar.2007 10:06

anonymous coward

googling the phrase "never tolerate outrageous conspiracy" brings up:


Gee, if he didn't want us to tolerate any "conspiracy theories" 01.Mar.2007 16:55

Jody Paulson

You wouldn't think he would contribute to them by claiming that he saw the *first* plane hit the towers, would you? (What psychic newscaster knew where to set up the cameras for that one, I wonder?)

President Bush has stated on two occasions that he saw a plane hit World Trade Center 1:
(video clips included!)