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Ungdomshuset has been evicted

Ungdomshuset (the youth house) in copenhagen, is being evicted by danish police as of 0600 this morning.
This eviction has been pending since december 2006 and will be massively resisted.
Extreme police oppression is expected. Please take solidarity actions against targets of the danish state and facist christianity worldwide.
love and rage

15 activists have been arrested in Folkets Park on Nørrebro.

There are burning containers blocking Torvegade at Christiania

Police is getting ready to clear barricades on Nørrebrogade

There are events/happenings different places. Activists have spread out. Before the eviction it was said that there would be events everywhere. Among others "Feminists for more "fristeder"" have made blockades 12 different places in town

9.49 Around 100 to 150 activists are trying to build barricades across Nørrebrogade. The Police is removing the barricades by driving into them with their cars. The activists there are angry and frustrated

Nørrebros Runddel has been cleared for activists. There is reasonable peaceful but there are a lot of activists in the neighbourhood. The athmosphere is tense. So far there has been made around 20 arrests according to Modkrafts reporters

The police is arresting persons on Runddelen. Activists and the police are pushing against each other

The Police is clearing Nørrebros Runddel (a few meters from Ungdomshuset) and is starting to arrest people who refuse to move.

Spokespersons for Ungdomshusets maintain, that the plan when evicted is that the supporters of the house are going to show up in the local areas. Tomorrow there is a protest demonstration at 17.00 from Blågårds Plads and the day after there is a day of different happenings

Around 100 of Ungdomshusets supporters are trying to break through the barricades the police have made on Jagtvej by Runddelen
There are around 25 of different kind of bigger police vans. And the gathering of people has now officially been asked to leave.

Assistens Kirkegården (the graveyard/park across from Ungdomshuset) is cleared by the police

According to sources from Ungdomshusets the police has entered the house around 7.00
It has happened very quickly. It's guessed that it has taken the police around 5 minutes to enter the house through a container on the side of the house from where they have entered through a vindow or the wall and also by deploying cops on the roof.
From Ungdomshuset it is said that: "As long as there isn't a Ungdomshus, there is a fight for a Ungdomshus"
Two ambulances have left Ungdomshuset.
(New information: From Ungdomshuset it is said that the police wasn't that fast this morning as it has earlier been explained to the media. According to sources, that were by the house this morning, it took several attempts before the police succeeded in entering the building. A crane had to lift a container up to the house several times before the police could enter the house. It started a 7.00 this morning but at 8.00 there was still coming loud sounds out from the house which can mean that the police didn't have full controle over the building yet.)

There will be many solidarity demonstrations this evening all over europe. Keep your eyes open..updates will follow..
More information:
 link to politiken.dk (photo-galery)

timeline #2 01.Mar.2007 08:55


The demonstration is moving down Nørrebrogade. The police has blocked the street in the direction of the city. (some sources talk about 1500 people)

Shortly after the announcement police-vans are ready to block the street leading from the square in both directions. The demonstration will then be trapped. At the same time the square is completely filled with demonstrators - there is even people standing down the streets (The square is pretty big compared to others in Copenhagen - There can probably be up to 2000 people if not more - It is also completely closed up by apartment buildings with no cover at all)

A smaller group of policemen have by megaphones annouced that the demonstration at Blågårds Plads isn't allowed and people are to leave. At the same time a demonstration from Christiania has just arrived at the square

A demonstration is moving down through Gothersgade. The demonstration is coming from Christiania where activists have made happenings/actions several times during the day. The demonstration contain around 500 people and is headed for Blågårds Plads where a larger demonstration is starting at 17.00. A big amount of demonstrators have already gathered at the square.

Solidarity demonstrations are being prepared in several places. For example Germany.

»The eviction went completely as planned and therefor I don't think, that it is very pleasent to see the media make it into some violent fight«. says minister of justice Lene Espersen to the danish newspaper Politiken. She thinks that both the media, activists and citizens should stay calm

The Reclaim The Streets-demonstration has now arrived at Blågårds Plads on Nørrebro.

Around 200 demonstrators are moving down through Vester Voldgade in the inner city towards Nørrebro. They are coming from the Town Hall Square (Rådhuspladsen) and were a part of the Reclaim The Streets-demonstration

Demonstrations protesting the eviction are being planned in Aalborg and other major cities at 17.00

At around 14.00 the spokesperson for the police tells the newspaper Politiken that around 90 persons have been arrested during the day.

The police is still checking people by Dronning Louises Bridge on Nørrebro. People, the police find suspicious has to document that they have a reason for being on Nørrebro to enter that part of town

A demonstration protesting the eviction is moving from Christiania at 16.00 to Blågårds Plads where there has already been called for a protest-demonstration at 17.00

The Reclaim The Streets demonstration is now at Storkespringvandet on Strøget (the main walking street) in inner city

The Mourning Group is arranging a Torch Demonstration tonight at 22.00

The Reclaim The Streets demonstration is now with around 300 people who are running towards Strøget (main walking street)'

It is rumoured that VUC (adult education centers) in Hvidovre and on Amager (suburbs) the students have stopped their work in protest of the eviction

The announced Reclaim the streets demonstration that left Israels Plads at 14.00 has just blocked the traffic lights by Nørreport Station (the biggest trainstation in copenhagen). There is around 100 activists who are sitting on the road awaiting the arrival of the police

According to an anonymous engine-driver with DSB city trains, all of them have been told by the police to notify them if they see people looking like activists on the trains. The engine-driver contacted Modkraft.dk becuase he didn't consider it a fair demand.

30 activists from »Feminister for flere fristeder« has blocked Amagerbrogade (main street on Amager), where they have been making noise and speeches to support Ungdomshuset.

At 14.00 there is a reclaim the streets demonstration from israels plads

In Stengade on Nørrebro the concertplace Stengade 30 has set up a tent from where they hand out tea, coffee and juice. They have put up a sign saying: "Police! You have a choice"

According to newspapers, Ruth Evensen, the leader of the "buyer" of Ungdomshuset, faderhuset, is going to look at Ungdomshuset later today to decide if the building should be demolish. The police is preparing for a longer stay since they are setting mobile toilets up for the cops on jagtvej.

On Dronning Louises bridge (access point from inner copenhagen to nörrebro)reports say the police has extended their control of access to also include cars. Furthermore people walking and biking is stopped, body-searched and denied access to the area without further explanation. When Modkrafts photographer tried to get back to Modkraft he was denied access despite his ability to provide a valid media-id card. When the photographer insisted on his right to walk through he was asked to leave. The policeman refused to reveal his name. This is clearly against the law which gives the media the right to pass a police controlpoint unless it is a riot situation. Furthermore the police is always obligied to reveal name and number on demand to the media if they are denied access. The responsible policeman on the spot can be required but as the photographer was asked to leave immediately he chose to do so.

Demand for emergency meeting in the city council of Copenhagen

Sources inform us that activists on their way to Copenhagen from Jutland is stopped by the police. This has happened for both activists on trains and in personal cars.

It is said by witnesses that the police is now stopping and body-searching people walking or on bike on their way over Dronning louises bridge towards Nørrebro. On Nørrebros Runddel it is said that it is now relatively calm but that the area is still being heavily controlled by the police

The police has blocked Dronning Louises Bro for all trafic towards Nørrebro. Trafic is still possible towards the city to some extend. Also the public trafic has been disturbed by the riots. In many places activists have been met by furious and aggresive drivers when they have blocked the traffic. Latest at a blockade near Åboulevarden (close to jagtvej)where several drivers threw things at the demonstrators

At forum subwaystation the police has just cleared a blockade of containers by chasing away 30 activists

The police has entered "Folkets Hus" (alternative house governed by the users themselves) by Folkets Park on Nørrebro. Despite the police wasn't in poccesion of any allowance to enter the house 8 combatuniformed cops entered the house. They however disappeared again when all doors in the house were locked

Following is an eyewitness report from a journalist on DR (main danish tv channel):
»About 20 meters from McDonalds on runddelen activists had build barricades across the streets. At around 9.25 the police is driving through the street with 3-4 armored vans to clear the barricades. One of the vans directly hit a demonstrator who falls and stays lying with his legs under the car. After this he is arrested - it is unknown what happened to him. The police didn't succeed in clearing the street. Shortly afterwards the barricades were rebuild and containers and garbage were set on fire«. Witnesses in the area say there is around 1500 activists out in protest again the eviction

timeline #3 01.Mar.2007 09:38


The big demonstration has according to sources been split in at least 3 groups. The group nearest Ungdomshuset contains around 200 activists who has apparently been trapped by the police.

Demonstrators have spread around the neighbourhood. Several groups are wandering around diff. streets

Armored police vans are also driving around the areas and have been attacked in different locations by activists. A street is reported blocked with police dogs

The police has split the demonstration in two on Nørrebrogade next Assistens kirkegård (cementary/park along the street running up to Jagtvej and Ungdomshuset). Cops have put themselves between the two parts.
In megaphones the police is asking the demonstrators to stand still and they are saying they are going to give the one part a new destination and way there.

Fireworks are being thrown at the police

The demonstration from Blågårds Plads has developed into fighting. Sources by the demonstration is saying, that the demonstrators have thrown paint and bottles on the street. The newspaper "Politiken" writes that the police has thrown tear gas

Several thousand demonstrators are moving towards Jagtvej and Ungdomshuset on Nørrebrogade

solidarity protests in all german cities - now 01.Mar.2007 10:11


at this moment solidarity actions and protests take place in all german cities. thousands on the streets.

VIDEO 01.Mar.2007 10:54


A Police car is driving into a protester

heavy fights


Over 20 Rallys in Germany 01.Mar.2007 11:09


In the evening will be more then 20 soli-rallys in germany for your house.
the to biggest rallys will happen from the köpi in berlin and the Rote Flora in Hamburg.
for more information www.de.indymedia.org

a few of them:
Berlin: 19 Uhr Koepi und Tag X+1 Kundgebung 14h Daenische Botschaft
Köln: 19 Uhr Rudolfplatz
Hamburg: 19 Uhr Rote Flora
München: 19 Uhr vor Kafe Marat
Karlsruhe: 19 Uhr Marktplatz
Göttingen: 19 Uhr Markt
Frankfurt(M): 19 Uhr Campus Bockenheim
Bremen: 19 Uhr Ziegenmarkt
Magdeburg: 17.30 Uhr am Hbf/ZOB
Hannover: 19 Uhr Steintor
Wien: 17 Uhr Dänische Botschaft, Führichgasse
Heidelberg: 16 Uhr zeitgleich gegen die eu-bildungsminister
Kiel: gemeinsame Fahrt nach Hamburg 16:40 hinter dem ServicePoint im Bahnhof
Abfahrt 16.55 Uhr Ankunft 18:19 Sternschanze
Um 17.20 - 17.23 Umstieg in Neumünster
Neumünster: gemeinsame Fahrt nach Hamburg Treffpunkt Bahnhof NMS 17:00
Zug fährt um 17:23
Wuppertal: gemeinsame Fahrt nach Köln um 17:45h im Hbf wuppertal am Ihr platz

wikipedia: what is the ungdomshuset? 01.Mar.2007 12:23


riots are ongoing tonight 01.Mar.2007 12:28


here in denmark riots are ongoing... barricades, streets are burning.

pics: today many arrests, many severly hurt

VIDEO: riots against eviction also 2 months ago 01.Mar.2007 12:35


Photo Gallery from the riots against eviction 2006 01.Mar.2007 12:44


Anti-Terror forces fight the riots 01.Mar.2007 15:47


Ungdomhuset, additions from swedish television's live reports
01.03.2007 21:34

According to swedish television the situation has currently calmed down due to the usage of Anti-Terror forces by the Danish State (21.22, GMT+1). After several hours of fighting, the police has fired tear gas grenades in the side streets and has been heavily criticised by parent-groups. Especially the usage of anti-terror forces and the obvious violence against anyone matching a certain visual profile has been met with little understanding, even by people not normally sympathising with autonomous projects.
Another demonstration is expected for 10pm tonight, when fighting is expected to resume.


new squatts in Kopenhagen: an old school, a backyard house 01.Mar.2007 16:16

found this comment on indymedia UK

TV2 reports that this evening about 100 people squatted an old school in Kopenhagen, as well as a backyard house. 20 police vans heading to the aerea - burning barricades all over Nørrebro stop them.

Cops wearing gas masks try to stop people carrying all kinds of materials into the big burning barricade in Blågårds street.

some screenshots 01.Mar.2007 16:38


this evening

headquarters of social democrat party occupied 02.Mar.2007 05:17


the headquarter of the social democtrat party has been occupied tonight.

200 arrested 02.Mar.2007 05:19


200 people have been arrested tonight by police.

In Germany, Dresden, people occupied also buildings in solidarity to Ungdomshuset. solidarity action also in Vienna, Dublin and London.

Continued translation of timeline 04.Mar.2007 10:58


We're continuing to translate the happenings in Copenhagen from Modkraft.dk here http://www.emoware.org/ungdomshuset.asp