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The Coming of Rebbi Yeshua and Maestra Maria

The significance of the tomb archeology.
Rebbi Yeshua ben Yosuf and Maestra Maria (a.k.a. Mary Magdalene) are
people of Qabala. Their word and way are about embracing mystery,
never allowing second-hand authority or mediation to come between
themselves and mystery. Their's is always a revolutionary and
heretical way and word.

Everything about their way and word is not-business-as-usual (n-b-a-
u). There is nothing about their true way and word that could be a
basis of an organized religion.

Organized Christianity is a deliberate, lying parody, of the way and
word of Rebbi Yeshua and Maestra Maria. It has always been about
defusing the n-b-a-u that is dangerous to business-as-usual (b-a-u).
It has always been about changing the revolutionary, heretical word
and way into the ultimate b-a-u, into the state religion of the Roman
Empire, into the state religion of the United States of America, into
the doctrine that gee dub(a.k.a George W.)can do commerce with.

Organized Christianity begins with the removing of Rebbi Yeshua from
his Hebrew/Qabala context. Organized Christianity begins with anti-

It doesn't even get the name right.

Yeshua ben Yosef is never referred to by his Hebrew name, his true
name - the name that he was addressed with by his contemporaries.
Organized Christianity calls him Jesus, a Greek name, which he would
not have recognized, or responded to.

Yeshua and Maria were full-blood Hebrews, as were most all who
recognized the Hebrew/Qabalistic context from which Yeshua and Maria
came - and tried to follow that way.

The church fathers blood-libel the Jews, calling them God-killers.
Meanwhile they conspired to kill the Qabalistic Christ-potential in
every human being.

A compelling thing about the tomb archeology is that Maria is
referred to as 'the Maria that is known as Master.' That is the way a
Maestra of Qabala would be referred to.

As Rebbi Yeshua says, all lies will be revealed. Not only revealed -
shouted from the rooftops.

These are the times we live in.

Organized Christianity tries to constellate the archetype of
apocalypse of the second-coming of Jesus (a.k.a. cheese-us). But
Qabalistic Rebbi Yeshua has never been allowed by the church to come
into the collective consciousness.

This is his first coming/her first coming.

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