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Tonights media meetup with MARY STARRETT sponsored by PDX 9/11 TRUTH ALLIANCE has been moved FROM 12 NE 10th Ave to the private meeting room at

The LUCKY LABRADOR Brew Pub - 915 SE Hawthorne

Owing to change of venue, starting time will be around 7:20
map DIRECTIONS TO LUCKY LAB - 915 SE Hawthornefrom original meeting location
map DIRECTIONS TO LUCKY LAB - 915 SE Hawthornefrom original meeting location
Marry Starret will meet with the PDX truth Alliance on 2/28/07 from 7:15-9:15 PM at the LUCKY LABRADOR Brew Pub - 915 SE HAWTHORNE - in Portland. It should be a very interesting time.
Starrett started as areporter for ABC affiliate KATU and later co-hosted the "AM Northwest" television show for many years. She ran for Governor in 2006 on the Constitution Party ticket. Mary Starrett believes that George Bush knew about the plan for the 9/11 terrorist attacks before they occurred and let the attacks occur.
The remarks were made on KPDQ radio in Portland, and led to her radio show being canceled. In a interview on KATU TV on September 26, 2006 she reaffirmed her beliefs that Bush knew about the plan for the 9/11 attacks and let the attacks occur.

You can see more information about her at the follong link

homepage: homepage: http://pdx911truth.blogspot.com
phone: phone: 503 287 3473
address: address: MARY STARRETT media meetup 7:15pm tonight at LUCKY LAB - 915 SE HAWTHORNE

really? 28.Feb.2007 17:07


Is she going to blame 9/11 on homosexuals and communists? Or is she just going to toss out how the US "deserved" 9/11 because of its sinful ways and because Bush isn't enough of a Christian Fundamentalist?

A brew pub sounds like a good location; maybe it will turn into a healthy old fashioned brawl.

she is nuts, but how much exposure is she getting? 28.Feb.2007 17:37


I worked with someone who worked with her on katu, his comment about Mary. "She is like a vegetarian who smokes" Full of contradictions. no offense to vegans, just his comment was spot on I thought.

We got your number, Mary 28.Feb.2007 17:44

Portland Feminist Union

Just a quick google of her name brought up a bushel of homophobic, racist, anti-woman, and frankly scarey articles. She thinks Saxton is too liberal, MLK was a communist, and all women should give birth right now!
Too bad Lucky Lab is letting this jackhole speak there. Guess they don't care what hate is spewed as long as you buy a pint. Well, if you go to hear her, this is some of the nutty goodness you can expect will be rolling through her mind as she talks about 911:

An excerpt from her article on Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement of the 1960's (2004)-

"A few mental pictures you might want to superimpose over the "I Have A Dream" images you'll be seeing ad nauseum( ed. yes, Mary, the "I have a Dream" speech is played over and over again around MLK's birthday. Not many people who are NOT big racists complain about that)in the coming days might include a naked Dr. King running down the hallway of a Norwegian hotel chasing a woman during his trip to accept the Nobel Prize."

"Southern Christian Leadership Congress. The SCLC was founded by two Jewish New Yorkers. One, lawyer Stanley Levison , was tagged as a member of the Executive Committee of the Communist Party, USA. The other founder was Bayard Rustin, well known as a homosexual and a Communist."
WHAT?!? Jewish, homosexual, communists from New York? Sounds good to me, but Mary doesn't agree.

Gosh there are sooo many articles, sooo little time for the likes of her....
Maybe I should....

CONTACT HER at E-Mail  M123STAR@aol.com '

No surprise 28.Feb.2007 18:51


Well, you got Holocaust deniers now going to 9-11 conferences as celebrity supporters. Why not Starrett?

hmmm 28.Feb.2007 19:43


if a group of neo-nazi's develop an environmental platform (wait i think this has already happened), are we going to invite them into the fold too?

I suspect this is not going to work out too well for the 911 truth folks in the long run. Time shall tell.

starrett's environmental platform 01.Mar.2007 17:57

not an idiot

speaking of environmental platforms, starrett's includes the "theory" that global warming does not exist. this is probably the sort of thing that 911 conspiracy nuts can get behind, though, so it likely wouldn't bother them.

she also hates queers and immigrants.

all about 911 and nothing else 02.Mar.2007 01:33

Jack Gabel j.gabel@comcast.net

I didn't know anything about her before this was set up. Jews and gays are proportionally represented in the PDX 911 Truth Alliance and none complained about her positions on the way they live. She was only there to talk about how she got blown out of media positions and virtually tarred and feathered by Lars Larson, simply for asking serious questions about 911 and the fascist direction the nation is taking. Actually, the meeting had to be moved, because the regular hosts of PDX 911 Truth Alliance meet ups, were unwilling to allow her to speak about anything at their location. Doesn't seem unreasonable that the group might now get purged from Portland's Left community - would seem to fit its Trotskyist tendencies. We've been pushing for the Left to close ranks on the 911 issue and make it part of the strategy to bring down this murderous regime. Curiously, it now seems there's more willingness to do that from some on the Right than on the Left. All we get from Chomsky and Cockburn are accusations of "wacko" conspiracy theory dirstactions. But, when you consider their positions seriously, you have to conclude that their "blow back" reasoning actually supports the regime's "they hate us for..." whatever. At day's end, looks like they've both got their tails between their legs. Starrett seems considerably braver, someone who might actually show up at the barricade, rather that analyze the situation from the comfort of their study, or ivory tower.

of course 02.Mar.2007 02:43


>> I didn't know anything about her before this was set up

Exactly. Hard to take a "truth" group seriously when they don't bother to research their own speakers. Besides, aren't the portland 9/11 folks all in the MIHOP crowd? I thought LIHOP was to be ridiculed, unless it comes from a wako pseudo-celebrity I guess. Oh well, have fun imploding. No sense in letting strategy get in the way of your crusade.

Laughing horse collective member 02.Mar.2007 12:53


I heard she got a standing ovation.
Way YUK.
I feel she is more stealth about her awfull homophobic profascist and oddly woman hating AGENDA, BUT WOULD STILL COMPARE HER TOO LON M and even FRED PHLELPS (the sick white male who protests the funerals of AIDS victims) she is next to these folks annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd defends halocaust denial!
I am glad for ALL the support we got in this YET still hear muffeled cries of CENSORSHIP.
We are a safer space bookstore, a radical, anarchist bookstore, we respect perspectives and are proud of the work the 911 comrades are doing, someone has to talk about the melting of steel and examine all that. But we are have no room for that un-inclusive shit. No space for folks who block all people being at least treated like human beings!
LATER for Mary
she did her thing FINE we did not want it near us nor did the activist comunnity!

The ELEVENTH 1:30-4:30 pm Sun Mar 11th -BEAUTIFUL PIZZA 3342 SE Belmont 10.Mar.2007 01:28


Full length screening of Mary Starrett media conference, including Question and Answer

plus a scene or two from " The Fall '01 " choreodrama benefit at Hollywood Theatre - 4122 NE Sandy Blvd - 7pm Wed Mar 14th

plus recent footage from David Ray Griffin presentations

For those who can't be there or want to preview Starrett presentation

audio and notes at

full length video and notes

quoting Willamette Week:

Starrett didn't know about the controversy until she got a message notifying her of the venue change. "Typically what I see is, it's the ones who scream the loudest for diversity and tolerance who are so quick to tell me I can't have my own opinion, and I say shame on them," she says.


"Changing Horses" by Julie Sabatier
How 9/11 skeptic Mary Starrett caused a mini-uproar at Laughing Horse Books

HOT ACTION: "Mary Starrett on Sept. 11, 2001"

The reader might want to compare comments by Willamette Readers to those above

503 287 3473
1:30-4:30 pm Sun Mar 11th - IT's A BEAUTIFUL PIZZA - 3342 SE Belmont
jpg : 1:30-4:30 pm Sun Mar 11th - IT's A BEAUTIFUL PIZZA
jpg : 1:30-4:30 pm Sun Mar 11th - IT's A BEAUTIFUL PIZZA
original poster
original poster "9/11 TRUTH ; MEDIA SILENCE" before venue change
pdf : 1:30-4:30 pm Sun Mar 11th - 3342 SE Belmont
pdf : 1:30-4:30 pm Sun Mar 11th - 3342 SE Belmont

huh 10.Mar.2007 02:43

just sayin'

So Starrett is not only a bigot but also a liar. That's a great person to have affiliated with the 9/11 truth movement.

"Typically what I see is, it's the ones who scream the loudest for diversity and tolerance who are so quick to tell me I can't have my own opinion, and I say shame on them," she says.

Who said she couldn't have her own opinion? That's right, no one. But hey don't let truth stand in the way of a soundbite, especially when you're a part of a "truth" movement.

Oh well, do as you will. No one expects you to accomplish anything meaningful anyway.