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0228 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Wednesday, February 28th, 2007.
0228 Get This
0228 Get This
02/28/07 Get This
sui generis

1. It's A Hard Rain Gonna Fall: Within a mere 24 hours the vision of canceling the corporate "kicker" tax refund and putting the money into a 'rainy day' fund, evaporated. Apparently instead of "voting their conscience" as the Democrats hoped their Republican colleagues would do, Republicans voted their usual straight 'greed' ticket...
2. Black Tuesday: Yesterday markets all over the world crumbled and are only just now making some semblance of an effort to climb out of the hole they dug themselves. Oregon-based shares were no exception. It goes to show how fast an imaginary economic base can vanish... .once the rain starts to fall...
3. Gordon Smith is living proof that Republicans know how to look good while doing bad things: Smith is backing an increase in the federal tobacco tax to generate money for schools - once again balancing the budget on the backs of the poor who are the overwhelming majority of smokers. (Many homeless people are smokers, but then they live outside so in the words of Mother Bush, "It works out well for them.")
4. Our Legislature In Action: Lawmakers are voting on a bill that would allow people with concealed weapons permits to ride ATV's while carrying loaded handguns.
5. KBOO's Frank Cobb does an interview with homeless and disabled people living on the street of Portland.
6. More Oregon Guardsmen are on alert for possible deployment to Iraq (Or possible escape to Canada... ) as early as this summer. ('Early'? 'Summer'? Wait... .Doesn't that mean they'll be going to a highly radioactive Iran? Somebody check those tickets... ..)
7. The Dow dropped 400 points yesterday, the last hundred of which occurred within seconds, causing a lot of embarrassing stains on those Ralph Lauren briefs...
8. Disraeli Gears: The White House has just been introduced to Diplomacy. Yes, the US is willing to attend a regional conference in Iraq next month that will include representatives from Iran and Syria. (US representatives can be expected to make a terrific 'first impression' by showing up riding ATV's and packing heat, or more likely as obese and be-fezzed Shriners on motorbikes.)
9. Please Check Your Priorities At The Door: Bush and his nefarious Senate allies are threatening to kill an anti-terror bill if Congress sends it to the White House with a provision to let airport screener unionize. (So does this mean that the administration is more concerned with union-busting than protecting the nation from terror? That alone is terror-inducing... )
10. Act II: Canada has elected to allow two of its contentious anti-terror measures to expire. (What the hell, they were only introduced to please Americans anyway... )
11. Jose Padilla was drugged and kept in a blacked-out cell without a mattress... And they weren't even trying to "interrogate" the man - it was just business as usual. But thank Gawd America doesn't torture people.
12. A Florida couple will be doing some serious prison time for funneling information about Miami's Cuban exiles to the government in Havana. (Meanwhile Luis Posada Carriles is living it up in Texas, waiting for the CIA to "lose" him in Dade County... )
13. Night is too light for animals these days. (I think I know how they feel... )
14. Syria is humoring the US and agreeing to come to the conference in Baghdad. Playing 'Diplomat' with real diplomats makes Americans feel so very grown-up...
15. Less than 24 hours after pulling out of Nablus, the Israelis are back. (Nablus is of course a West Bank town sitting on top of the region's main aquifer. The Israelis grudgingly allow that it is the Palestinian's land, but the water... .Well, that of course belongs to Israelis... )
16. For three thousand Bedouins living in the Negev desert, the most recent Israeli incursion presents an imminent crisis. (For the Israelis, Yahweh forbid that anyone infringe upon their ancient lands and traditions... .But other people's traditions are fair game... .
17. US-led strike forces seized suspected Shiite "death squad" bosses yesterday. (These days, a "death squad" is anyone opposing the US Empire... .)
18. Real Diplomats Don't Screw The Weak: Russia says it will work to lift sanctions, which western governments imposed on the Palestinian Authority after Hamas won the elections last year. (Democracy is only for those nation-states that are in the US-AIPAC pocket. Others need not apply.
19. Syria is making Israeli leadership a little jittery these days. (It's the guilt, Baby, it's the guilt... ) And Mossad has been upping the ante by manufacturing an imaginary Syrian arms race... .
20. Romano Prodi wants to be president and have his pro-US foreign policy as well. (This is what got his government in trouble in the first place... )
21. Feeling Fit As A Fidel: Hugo Chavez was on the air the other day, hosting his call-in chat show, thinking it was his Energy Minister who was on the line, when the voice of Fidel Castro broke in, "Listen, my distinguished and dear friend, how are you?" Hugo to Castro: "Goodness, it's Fidel."
22. A Sudanese government minister and notorious Janjaweed leader are the first to be indicted by the International Criminal Court for alleged war crimes in Darfur. (George, I can hear your breathing... )
23. North Korea is expected to ask for the resumption of economic aid from South Korea when officials meet in Pyongyang. ("Give us the TiVo and nobody gets hurt... ")