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9.11 investigation | media criticism

BBC 24 reported Building 7 collapse before it fell.

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me2 28.Feb.2007 12:43

CNN has it too

up to an hour before it was "pulled"


white house lies unravelling at light speed 28.Feb.2007 13:31

jean luc picard

BBC reports WTC7 collapse 26 minutes early

I swear I remember during those minutes.. 28.Feb.2007 15:27

Enemy of the State

Ok was it my imagination or does my memory recall very clearly newsreporters talking about authorities needing to take down the building during those minutes because of the hazards thathe chemicals and buildings could bring around them.

I was working in Manhattan on Sept 11, 2001 28.Feb.2007 15:50


On that day we heard reports of up to 8 planes being hijacked, bombs in white trucks on the George Washington Bridge and other "false" stories. So many of these stories were being released to the public without credible sources. Most broadcast television was knocked out (Most TV antenna's were on tower 2? CBS and a Spanish broadcasting network) Cell phones and land line phones were out even out in Brooklyn. (maybe further, I was living in Greenpoint at the time, no phone for 2 days)

For people who weren't there that day, who watched these events unfold on their television set, have no idea of the confusion and lack of information many New Yorkers living there were faced with.

I mean honestly, did anyone even know what building 7 looked like before September 11th? Have you seen how many tall buildings there are in downtown Manhattan? Few are labeled.

How does she know Building 7 will fall? 28.Feb.2007 15:52

Joe Anybody

so as you watch this BBC video
You notice that Building 7 is still in the background

Now unless you know what your looking for you wont see it (building 7 standing)
What is odd is - that as the lady newscaster is giving the LIVE news about the towers (and building 7) she is unaware that she is describing an event that hasnt happened yet.

The newscast is abruptly ended...you never do see the #7 building fall in the BBC newcast.
It would appear that the newsreporter is giving news from a pre written event.
She is holding no notes, but discusses the Solomen (sp) building falling as a fact.
She appears to be breifing the BBC newsroom from a LIVE feed in NY City numerous blocks away.

As she speaks you can see black smoke billowing up from behind her (from the two towers)
If you look to the right side of her head and sometimes it is 1/2 covered by her hair ...you will see building #7 (Solomen Building) still standing as she is describing it falling. The link on Prison Planet details more of this and is worth reading See post above this one for link.

When you think about how this happened..... how she could of had a news story to report ....that had not even developed......... it looks mighty suspicious.

As most of the 911 truth seekers would agree...... "this and the whole 9-11 issue needs to be invistaged!"