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Your Govt Working Hard to Keep You Uninformed - Evidence

The House Oversight and Government Reform
Committee has received a few of the documents
it has requested from the White House after
months of filing requests in their "investigation
into suspicions that the Bush White House has
edited scientific reports to downplay the effects
of global warming."
[from the Excellence in Government website, 2/27/07]

......During the Jan. 30 hearing, Waxman said documents provided to the
committee last fall showed changes were made in a draft EPA report
to add "balance" by emphasizing "beneficial effects" of climate change.
Other changes deleted a discussion of health and environmental effects
of climate change and added language saying atmospheric concentrations
of carbon are not a "good indicator of climate change," the chairman said.

The documents also showed that a statement was removed indicating
that "changes observed over the last several decades are likely mostly
the result of human activities," Waxman said.

This was rewritten to state that the link between human activity and global
warming cannot be "unequivocally established," he added.

No Bush administration officials testified at the January hearing. ......