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FEC approves Green Party Committee

The FEC recently approved the Green Party's Senate Campaign Committee.
Ballot Access News, in their March 1, 2007 edition is reporting that on February 8, the Federal Election Commission voted 6-0 to recognized the Green Party's Senate Campaign Committee. Until then, only the Democratic and Republican Parties had any FEC-approved congressional campaign committees.

The advantage to a party of having such a committee is that donors can give larger amounts to a national party's congressional committee than they can to any particular congressional candidate.

The Green Party does not accept any corporate contributions and is entirely funded by real human beings.

Ten Key Values of the Greens 28.Feb.2007 13:00

Paul the Green

The Green movement is build around ten key values:

* Grassroots democracy
* Social justice
* Ecological wisdom
* Nonviolence
* Decentralization
* Community-based economics
* Feminism
* Diversity
* Responsibility
* Future focus

Green Party continues to grow and mature 03.Mar.2007 07:53


This article shows how the GP continues to grow and mature despite operating in a corporate world with non-corporate values. If you support the Green Party values and want to see viable alternatives to the two corporate parties, consider sending the GP some money.

National Green Party:  http://www.gp.org/donate.shtml

Pacific Green Party:  http://www.pacificgreens.org/cat-get-involved/donate-to-the-pacific-green-party/

Contributions to either qualify for a tax credit up to $50 ($100 married filing jointly). That means the first $50 (or $100) you donate can be written directly off your tax return for ZERO cost to you.