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Green Presidential Candidates

In the March 1, 2007 edition of Ballot Access News is reporting that Cynthia McKinney and Elaine Brown are interested in seeking the Green Party's presidential nomination.
It appears that both former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, and former Balck Panther leader Elaine Brown, are interested in seeking the Green Party's presidential nomination. Both women live in Georgia, a state in which the Green Party has never appeared on the ballot for any federal or state office.

yeahhhhh Cynthia 28.Feb.2007 00:12

GreenPartyMike Minnesota

Right on,

I have been promoting Cynthia McKinney for ever.

Elaine Brown Annouced This Week 28.Feb.2007 12:56

Paul the Green

Former Black Panther Party leader, noted author, community and prison justice activist Elaine Brown announced this week that she intends to seek the Green Partyıs nomination for a presidential bid in 2008. "The 2006 elections signified a mass rejection of Bushıs policies--not a shift to the Democrats. We have arrived at a powerful moment when the majority of the country is seeking a political alternative, toward embracing progressive values and realizing a progressive agenda. I havenıt seen this potential since the 1960s."

Brown, who ran as a Green in the 2005 Brunswick, Georgia, mayoral election where Republicans succeeded in illegally removing her name from both the ballot and the voter roll, intends to run on a platform that addresses the interests of poor and working families, in terms of living wages, free healthcare, decent housing and increased funding for public education and higher education; ending the war in Iraq; restoring the environment and bringing about economic parity. Strategically, she intends to target non-voters, specifically women under 30 and African Americans, constituencies she believes are not represented by the nearly identical agendas of the Democrat and Republican parties, stating these crucial constituencies "have the power to build up an alternative party to truly challenge the status quo."

"I believe I have the ability to raise consciousness among disaffected and disenfranchised poor and working people, women and blacks, to galvanize them to vote for a real second party. Such a broadening of the Green Party base will allow us to start winning big time, at the state level and nationally, so that we can overturn some of the most egregious policies and laws (like the three strikes crime bill which has so devastated black communities) and introduce progressive legislation. There are a lot of great community organizations working for change, performing Sisyphean tasks that cannot address the fundamental problems. I believe the time is right to use the ballot to make the kinds of changes we know must be made to serve the people we represent."

Brown stated she is running as a Green because: "Not only does the Green Party support reparations for slavery, but the partyıs ten key values represent the values and interests of poor and working people. Only the Green Party offers clear positions on the needs of the people, in terms of a living wage, decent housing, food, education, and medical care. The Democrats and Republicans offer black and poor people nothing."

When asked what she hopes to achieve with her run, Brown said: "I know the party can earn a significant increase in votes and membership, which will increase our viability to take congressional seats, state house seats, and local offices; so that we can really start changing the way government operates."

Some great possible Green candidates 01.Mar.2007 02:43


The following is a list of possible green candidates for the 2008 presidency:

Elaine Brown (Georgia) - Ex-Black Panther Party Chair, nonprofit group executive and author.

Nannette "Nan" Garrett (Georgia) - Attorney, former State Senate aide & '02 Governor nominee.

Pat LaMarche (Maine) - Businesswoman, National Party Co-Chair, talk show host, 2004 VP nominee, & '02/'06 Governor nominee.

Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D-Georgia) - Ex-US Congresswoman (1993-2003 & '05-07), ex-State Rep. and Democrat.

Ralph Nader (Connecticut) - Consumer advocate, author, attorney and frequent candidate.

Rebecca Rotzler (New York) - New Paltz Deputy Mayor, Party National Co-Chair, businesswoman, and community activist.

Kat Swift (Texas) - State Party Co-Chair, progressive activist & newspaper credit manager.

here's the deal: Kucinich as Pres.; McKinney as VP 01.Mar.2007 16:35

I'd vote for that

Tell Dennis to keep up appearances in the Democratic Party for the moment, so he'll get some media play in this corrupt framework. However, make deals with him to Run as President with McKinney as VP in the crossover to start the true destruction of the two party corporatism system of the United States.

Make the vote fraud corruption of this corporatism very visible...