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Bob Woodruff Was Lucky

Yes, I'm glad he is alive but it saddens me that we can't give the same kind of recognition and coverage to even a fraction of our soldiers on the ground who were not as fortunate.
Reactions to the hoopla over reporter Bob Woodruff's recovery from his wounds sustained in Iraq?

Mr. Woodruff is a celebrity reporter. He spent relatively little time in a combat zone, embedded with troops. If he were a regular US soldier, I don't think we'd be seeing images of him, or hearing anything about him. A cameraman was also injured in this, one of thousands of IED attacks, as well as regular members of the convoy. We may eventually hear about them after it stops being "all about Bob."

If he had died, we might hear his name and see his image shown briefly in PBS's moments of silence.

How different it would be if we had to face -- invest ourselves in -- this devastation at the level it actually occurs. Not only our own troops, stretched to the limit and forced into prolonged service, but the citizens of Iraq who cannot leave the horror to return to top-notch medical car and the sanctuary of the United States.

No sympathy 27.Feb.2007 21:41

For Our Troops

Every "coalition" soldier in Iraq could have had a little presence of mind, concience, and duty, and refused the illegal order given them to deploy to Iraq, like Lt. Watada and others have done. Those who did not are participating in an illegal war of aggression, and I have no sympathy for the dead and wounded: They Volunteered for it. None of them were drafted. No sympathy for the Blackwater "Private Security" terrorists that have been killed either.

If sympathy is due anywhere, have sympathy for the 650,000 (and rising daily) dead Iraqi civilians, and the countless wounded, for thier devistated families, for every Iraqi. They are all victims of American Imperial Agression.

As for Bob Woodruff, or any other corporate media "celebrity" I have no sympathy for any of them either. These "reporters" are a disgrace to the idea of a free press.

Our soldiers should come home and storm the White House and remove Bush and Cheney.

Our free press should be helping expose the truth about 9-11.

All of them should fiercely hope there is no such place as Hell.

never forget the Clinton infanticide in Iraq 27.Feb.2007 23:53

baby killer

Our free press and much of the alternative press are carefully avoiding the infanticide of at least a half million Iraqi children during the Clinton administration. This infanticide began with the bombing of a baby formula factory in Operation Desert Storm. This also opens up the fact that the Clinton Impeachment was also a "false flag". Operation Firestorm was launched within 24 hours of the Lowensky scandal being published in liberal CIA rag Washington Post. That helped to finish off the the clean water supply in Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of children died from water born disease.

They are deliberately ignoring the soldiers 28.Feb.2007 20:55

Jody Paulson

"Support our troops"

... As long as you don't get to see the coffins coming back.

... As long as you don't see the wounded. They're all warehoused at Walter Reed, waiting to see if they get disability ... or the shaft.

After their deplorable conditions were exposed in two articles by the Washington Post, the troops at Walter Reed are being told not to speak to the media and have to submit to 7 a.m. inspections.

I remember hearing a caller on progressive radio ask, "I asked my (pro-war) representative if he could name just 3 soldiers who died in Iraq. He gave me a blank stare." And I thought, gee, I couldn't do much better. Casey Sheehan is about the only name I could think of off the top of my head ... I forgot the name of the kid featured in Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 911."

How sad it is that most people probably know more contestants on "American Idol" than they know names of soldiers fighting their imperialist war for them. There's a reason for this. It's called "Bread and Circuses" -- deliberate misdirection. We act as though we're not really in a war, we're fighting on borrowed money and Bush tells us to go out and shop instead of actually making some sort of sacrafice, the way one would during a REAL war.

The American people will ultimately pay a serious price if they continue to bask in such ignorance and disregard. And as far as I'm concerned, mainstream media bears much of the blame.
memorial in Lafayette, CA
memorial in Lafayette, CA