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Hate of the OHSU Tram

Information the Newspaper won't reveal....
Hate can't get any worse than this. Within the last few days, a man stood on the roof top of his home and shot and the Tram, scarying those who were riding on it. The police came, but didn't divulge the information to any news crew as to not scare the public. What's next, cutting the cables and then pretend it didn't happen? I feel people need to be aware of gun toting, Tram haters.
I have yet to ride the Tram and won't anytime soon.

Vulnerable to Wind 27.Feb.2007 17:25


I guess everyone knows by now that the tram was halted for 12 minutes with people inside. The commercial radio version I heard (the best with local news because they go for the sensational) said the tram is supposed to stop when hit by a high gust. They used the manual override to get folks down.

Sure it was supposed to happen that way.

So what happens with continued gusts--folks just stay there for the duration of the storm?

If it was supposed to happen that way, why use the manual override?

Portland's a pretty gusty (and gutsy) city.

Nature will ultimately take care of this thing we call "civilization."

The answer my friend is blowin in the wind 28.Feb.2007 13:35


It really should not come as any surprise to you or OHSU officials that the tram is not a popular fixture to many of us living in Portland. It is a self serving multi-billion piece of eye candy for OHSU and their employees. Many citizens are upset about the waste of tax dollars going to support OHSU's TRAM SCAM and the personal invasion of privacy for those who live below the route. Wonder if OHSU took this into consideration when it was being designed and had bullet proof windows installed.