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Third Planet Report 3/1/07

Third Planet Report, from the Farm in Summertown TN. hosted by former Portlander, Alan Graf, hippielawyer
This week's Third Planet Report has the following interviews and music:

1. Interview with Ina May Gaskin, internationally known midwife about the care crisis. Are we ignoring the most important people in our society--women--who care for our children, our elders and yes, the guys;

2. Interview with Jim Coon, attorney for the wife of deceased Jesse Williams who died from smoking cigarettes over many years due to the deceptive practices of Phillip Morris. The US Supreme Court recently vacated the 79 million dollar punitive damages award against the tobacco giant. Jim tells us that punitives are still very much alive and he isn't worried at all;

3. Interview with the former attorney Albert Bates for atomic veterans and veterans with agent orange claims, who talks about his personal experience in the airport and why he is worried that the new x-ray machines may be causing more harm than the "terrorists" they are protecting us against; and

4. Banah Graf and friends place some really cool rock from Santa Barbara. Their sound is unique and catchy and deserves a listen (spoken like a proud dad).

Give the show a listen. I believe you will find it entertaining and informative.

Alan Graf, hippielawyer

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