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9.11 investigation

BBC Bombshell - Video Evidence of Foreknowledge of Building & Collapse

While more than a score of New York City Fire Department members have recounted receiving warnings of the collapse of Building 7 starting about an hour and a half before the 5:20 PM collapse, this video is the first piece of hard EVIDENCE for foreknowledge of the event. Apparently by accident, the BBC reported that the collapse of WTC 7 ("Solomon Brothers Building") had occurred about 23 minutes before it actually happened, with the building shown still standing behind the woman reporting it had collapsed. Naturally, she was cut off before the real collapse occurred, approximately 5 minutes later.
Foreknowledge of WTC 7's Collapse

At 00:13:20 in the mpeg (about 5:07 PM), the anchor states:

"Now more on the latest building collapse in New York ... you may have heard a few moments ago we were talking about the Solomon Brothers Building collapsing and indeed it has, and apparently it's only a few hundred yards away from where the World Trade Center Towers were. And it seems that this was not the result of a new attack; it was because the building had been weakened during this morning's attacks. We'll probably find out more about that from our correspondent Jane Standley. Jane, what more can you tell us about the Solomon Brothers' Building and its collapse?"

At this point, which is 00:14:00 in the mpeg, the screen is filled by correspondent Jane Standley standing in front of a window framing smoke rising from Ground Zero and a clearly erect WTC 7.

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