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0227 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Tuesday, February 27th, 2007.
0227 Get This
0227 Get This
02/27/07 Get This
sui generis

1. The Guv, Unplugged: Governor Kulongoski slipped his chain yesterday. At the tail end of a news conference on renewable energy, Kulongoski said of the war on Iraq, "it's about the very topic we're talking about today. It's about oil."
2. Today's the 'shootout in Salem': House Democrats say they are going to push forward with their proposal to suspend this year's 'corporate "kicker" tax refunds. They are counting on Conservatives' "conscience" vote to see this through. For a state with a significant number of rainy days, it only seem right to have a "rainy day" fund... .
3. House Of Cards: The House passed bills to pay for regulatory boards yesterday, a safe place to start, since all four agencies affected are fee-supported.
4. Dunce Cap (And Trade): Oregon's largest utilities say they are open to a regional approach to curbing greenhouse gases. What they really mean is that they are prepared to sign on to a "cap and trade" program which allows them to go on polluting as long as some other industry curbs its emissions (Maybe they can get cows to stop farting... )
5. Spring Break For Fish: Fishing season is just around the bend in the river and if you are a Willamette River fish, the good news is that people are encouraged to throw you back in the water (So you can continue to grow that third eye or extra gill you've always wanted... ). The bad news is that the river is so polluted that you are unsafe to eat.
6. Job growth in Oregon continues to slow, even though the solutions are all around us, and I'm not talking about trees..
7. Which brings us to medical marijuana... . Advocates pleaded with lawmakers yesterday to enact a bill that would prohibit employers from firing them because of their choice of medication. - This only a few weeks after a previous bill was introduced that would have allowed employers to do just that... .
8. The Oregon legislature is really on fire this week: Bills that would create civil unions and ban discrimination based on sexual orientation were formally introduced yesterday. (When is someone going to do something about sexual disorientation, that's what I'd like to know... .)
9. A man with a lengthy criminal record has managed to make it even longer. Barry Enders attacked a couple when they caught him trying to break into their car in the parking lot at the trailhead at Bagby Hot springs. Not enough negative ions...
10. Hitchcock Smiles: A seaplane bound for Alaska landed on I-84 - not the Banfield part - due to bad weather. A State trooper who happened to be at the scene of another accident, pulled the plane over, and then cleared it for take-off when it appeared the pilot and passenger were okay.
11. The Coup-Coup Clock Is Ticking... ..Some of America's most senior military commanders are prepared to resign if the White House orders a military strike against Iran. (Is this the first whiff of rebellion against the administration's failed dreams of empire?)
12. Another ABC/Washington Post poll is out and it clearly shows that Americans are finally becoming sick of war-mongering as entertainment... .On the other hand a significant number of people still enjoy watching torture... .For most red-blooded Americans, torture is just like work; they could watch it all day... ..
13. Western States have formed a regional pact to bypass the Bush administration on emissions regulations.
14. Now Is The Winter Of Our Discontent - For Real: More discontent with the Bush administration: The National Governors Association is meeting this week and none of the guvs - at least not the ones who want to get reelected - is very happy with the way things are going. Healthcare is just another sore spot...
15. Good Chemistry: California's got the money and Californians have got the stem cells.
16. When A Man Loves A Women: Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney's Mormon background isn't going to endear his to hardcore religious conservative: Apparently a few of his male ancestors had a few too many wives. Said The Entrepreneurorator: "Marriage is between one man and one woman and one woman and one woman... ."
17. Giuliani, thus far unencumbered by anything but the Catholic Church and that should be easy to dust off, is running on money.
18. Do The Math: Bush's approval rating are in the toilet and yet, mirabile dictum, there he is out on the old stump raising record sums of money. That, my friends, tells you everything you need to know about this 'Presiduncy.'
19. The Taliban is claiming that a suicide bomber at a US military base was intended for Dick Cheney.
20. The Iraqi Cabinet has approved a draft law to "manage" that nation's vast oil reserves and "distribute" its wealth among Shias, Sunnis and Kurds. Said wealth will come to about $1.37 each after the multinationals take their cut... .
21. 'Made In Iran': The US says it has found a large cache of weapons, "many of them made in Iran" - and the rest made in the good old U S of A...
22. It's The Surge, Stupid: A bomb placed inside - that's inside as in, well, inside the building - an Iraqi Ministry exploded during a ceremony attended by Vice4-President Adel Abdul Mahdi. Mahdi was injured. Six other people were killed.
23. Word is that Ahmadinejad is not winning any popularity contests in Iran right now due to his defiant stance on Iran's nukes (He and Bush have so much in common it's eerie. If Ahmadinejad had the brains of a snake and the face of a chimp, one could almost say that Ahmadinejad evolved from a creature that was very similar to the president... )
24. The International Court of Justice has cleared Serbia of genocide... sort of. The Court concluded the massacre at Srebenica did constitute genocide, but that the Serbian State could not be held responsible or complicit.
25. Tens of thousands of students and teachers marched through the streets of Costa Rica's capitol to protest CAFTA. (Which goes to show that those kids are doing some serious learning down there,) Costa Rica is the only participant in the odious Pact With The Devil, not to have ratified the deal. The protesters are part of a coalition of hundreds of unions, student and environmental and community groups are planning a general strike later this week.
26. Indonesia has closed its border with East Timor after rebels raided a police post and seized a large number of weapons (No word as to whether the weapons were made in Iran or the US... .)
27. The President of Senegal has announced that he is the winner of the recent election even though all the results are not it. That's American-style Democracy spreading the Love around the world...
28. A US warship is heading for the coast of Somalia to rescue an UN-chartered cargo ship that was hijacked by pirates. (Advice to UN-chartered cargo ship: Stick with the pirates; they'll probably steal your oil but at least they won't kill you... )

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