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Your Grandchildren Will Despise You Immensely!

Expect to hear things like this:
...You couldn't even write a letter to your

...Did you not hear what the scientists were
...finding - 11 of the 12 warmest years since
...1860 have occurred since 1995 - polar caps
...and glaciers are melting faster than scientists
...believed possible.

...But you listened to paid hacks and government
...appointees who were protecting their corporate
...friends from any accountability for making billions
...while they spoiled the earth's atmosphere.

Call it capitalism, globalization, whatever......it will soothe them not.
When they realize that the earth's climate was destroyed willfully
despite warnings from thousands of scientists, scientific studies and
research from around the world, our offspring will have a strong case
that we did a bad thing......a really, really bad thing by not attempting
everything in our power to stop something which will affect the earth
for possibly thousands of years!

We now have proof that the neocons have been watering down reports
from the scientific community about rapidly advancing warming of the
earth. Their reasons are totally greed related. In some instances, the
reports from government scientists were entirely 180'd by some non-
scientist Bush appointee who felt the report was contrary to Bush
Administration (oil companies') policies. In most instances, reports
were modified to sound less alarming and more confusing to the public.

They did a very good job at making it difficult for the public to believe
any scientific report....even medical scientific reports were disputed
by someone somewhere, and we all began to yawn at ANY science-
based research. This was a very well planned and deliberate attack
aimed at diffusing public sentiment so they wouldn't be a "problem"
to the powers that be. And it's still working well.

In Europe, the public is much more aware of the consequences of
global warming and the fact that it is occurring right now. Last summer
London saw the largest demonstration ever on this specific issue where
an estimated 50 thousand people gathered to protest their government's
inaction. Here in the US, people are still not quite sure if it is even a problem
or not. The many contrary articles being given print written by hacks paid
by ExxonMobile and others have done a miraculous job of dumming down
the public, and keeping their minds off of this horrendous situation.

Here is a list of articles on scientific research and our government's hand
in misleading the public. These started flowing in mostly European
media in the months just before the IPCC report, and are among the
data that led the IPCC group to issue such a dire report.


Climate Change Impact 'underestimated due to undeclared emissions'

The UK's real impact on global warming has been
hugely underestimated, according to new research
out today.

A report published by Christian Aid reveals millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases
produced by some of the UK's top firms are not being declared.

Almost 200 million tonnes of carbon dioxide - equivalent to around one-third of the
UK's currently declared annual emissions - is missing from the annual reports of
major companies on the London Stock Exchange. But these "missing millions"
are only a small fraction of total undeclared emissions.


Believe it or not, snow PROVES global warming

And the 10 feet of snow recently dumped on communities bordering
Lake Ontario in northern New York? Those people would probably
whack you with a snow shovel if you mentioned global warming.

Nathan Currier just smiles. He likes it when people mention lake-effect
snowstorms, because it means they have walked right into his benign trap.

"Actually," he said recently, "those snowstorms are really a confirmation
of global warming. The lake used to be frozen at this time of year, which
cut down on the moisture coming off it. Now, you've got a lot of moisture
and cooler temperatures, which creates more snow."

 link to www.newsadvance.com



One scientific report which was published
the day of the IPCC report shows that the
sea level rise will be much more than
stated by the IPCC. Here are excerpts
from an excellent article posted to the
Monthly Review:


Lack of lake ice a harbinger of things to come

However, the average of the past 20 years compared to previous decades
shows how the ice season is rapidly becoming shorter.

....records show the average ice season for the past 20 years
is now 95 days, a reduction of one month in the last 20 years.
 link to www.zwire.com


Arctic Ice Gone by 2020!

Arctic Ocean will lose summer ice by 2020 -- bad news for Greenland ice.


World's Hottest January Ever Recorded

The [meteorological] agency said that last month was the world's hottest
January on record, with temperatures across the planet 0.45 degrees Celsius
above average.


Sen. Kerry and Rep. Inslee Join Conservation Groups in Global Warming
Lawsuit Against Bush Administration

"The Bush Administration's suppression of the National Assessment is
an illegal attempt to hide the impacts of global warming not just from
Congress but from the public as a whole."


Carbon dioxide rate is at highest level for 650,000 years

Carbon dioxide is the principal greenhouse gas responsible for global
warming and, in 2005, concentrations stood at 379 parts per million (ppm).
This compares to a pre-industrial level of 278 ppm, and a range over the
previous 650,000 years of between 180 and 300 ppm, the report says.


The fallout of global warming: 1,000 years

Humans have already caused so much damage to the atmosphere
that the effects of global warming will last for more than 1,000 years,
according to a summary of a climate-change report being prepared by
the world's leading scientists.

The draft, seen by The Globe and Mail yesterday, also says evidence
the world is heating up is now so strong it is "unequivocal" and predicts
more frequent heat waves, droughts and rain storms, as well as more
violent typhoons and hurricanes. It concludes the higher temperatures
observed during the past 50 years are so dramatically different from
anything in the climate record that the last half-century period was likely
the hottest in at least the past 1,300 years.

Moreover, 11 of the past 12 years rank among the warmest since humans
began taking accurate temperature measurements in the 1850s, a record
of extremes so pronounced it is unlikely to be due to chance.


Scientists offered cash to dispute climate study

Scientists and economists have been offered $10,000 each by a
lobby group funded by one of the world's largest oil companies to
undermine a major climate change report due to be published today.
Letters sent by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), an
ExxonMobil-funded thinktank with close links to the Bush administration,
offered the payments for articles that emphasise the shortcomings of a
report from the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).


World's sea levels rising at accelerating rate

Sea levels are rising even faster than scientists predicted,
according to a global analysis of data from tide gauges and


European countries have warmest January on record

In the Netherlands, January temperatures were the highest since they
were first measured in 1706, the Dutch meteorological institute KNMI
said on Wednesday, averaging about 7.1 degrees Celsius -- 2.8 degrees
more than usual.



Exposing ExxonMobil's GW Disinformation Campaign by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

"Exxon has responded to roars of recent outrage over its anti-social antics by announcing that it has stopped funding the Competitive Enterprise Institute which has collected over $2 million from the oil giant since 1998 to weave lies about climate change - and 4-5 other groups that Exxon refused to name. Exxon's new contrition is hardly sincere. The company still continues to fund 40 other groups in its unrelenting campaign of deception... As evidence of the company's insincerity, Exxon's chief executive and CEO Rex Tillerson, on Friday told world leaders in Davos that oil companies should not be held esponsible for global warming. The blame, he argued, rests instead with the very consumers and government officials his company has spent millions of dollars manipulating and defrauding. America is a decade late in addressing the serious threat from global warming largely due to ExxonMobil's campaign of deliberate deception. ExxonMobil's conduct amounts to a war on civilization. The company can't simply sweep this legacy of fraud and villainy under the rug with a paid op-ed campaign in the New York Times, or with oily statements shifting the blame to consumers. The company needs to cease its campaign of deception completely if it is to genuinely atone for its crimes against humanity."

Found on the Climate Crisis Coalition website on 1/30/07, originally posted to the Huffington Post"
The Pace of Arctic Global Warming is Staggering

....the change "is happening so extremely
fast, much much faster than we have seen
in thousands and thousands of years. It
could have an unpredictable result."


Glaciers (water supply) Melting 6 X Faster Than '80s

"They melted on average about 1.6 times
faster annually this decade compared with
the 1990s, and about six times faster than
in the 1980s."


Earth is Losing its Ability to Absorb CO2?

Scientists are very worried from their
data that shows increasing CO2 levels
that are growing faster than anticipated
and faster than the growth of emissions.

Global Warming: Here Are the Hard Facts

This is an article that tells it like it is.
Show this to your friends that are in
denial. It is quite disturbing but it is
loaded with irrefutable facts.





Globe is Warming Faster Than Scientist's WORST PREDICTIONS

Our worst fears are exceeded by reality


First 7 Months of 2006 Hottest Ever Recorded in U.S.



Alps Experiencing Warmest Time in 1,300 Years

VIENNA, Austria - Europe's Alpine region is going through its warmest
period in 1,300 years, the head of an extensive climate study said Tuesday.


Surge in Temperature Astounds Climate Researchers in the U.K

This year will be Britain's warmest since records
began, say scientists.


Extreme Autumn Temperatures Cause Unseasonable Flowering
In The Netherlands

Observers in the Netherlands reported that more than 240 wild
plant species were flowering in December, along with more than
200 cultivated species. According to biologist Arnold van Vliet
of Wageningen University, this unseasonable flowering is being
caused by extremely high autumn temperatures.


Experts warn North Pole will be 'ice free' by 2040

..."but our research suggests that the decrease
over the next few decades could be far more
dramatic than anything that has happened so
far," .... "These changes are surprisingly rapid."


Bears That Have Stopped Hibernating: More GW Consequences

This article tells of bears in Spain that for at least three years have
not hibernated, rather they stayed active because there was plenty
to eat and no need for the normal slumber. It also tells of many
other plant and wildlife abnormalities attributed to the rising
temperatures in Europe.


Reduce CO2 in Ten Years, or Climate Will be Out-of-Control

With the new scientific discovery
that the result of global warming
will be "abrupt climate change"
to ice age conditions (Broecker)
due to a shut down of ocean currents,
this article is a scream in the wilderness
from a scientist that has been muffled
for years by the US Government. Note
it was not printed in the US.

If we fail to act, 'we will end up with a different planet'


Scientists' Report Documents ExxonMobil's Tobacco-like
Disinformation Campaign on Global Warming Science

[Along with Government interference
in reports and speeches by it's own
scientists, this article helps to
explain why Americans are not
marching in the streets about climate

Oil Company Spent Nearly $16 Million to Fund Skeptic Groups,
Create Confusion
 link to www.ucsusa.org


New Publishing Rules Restrict Scientists

The Bush administration is clamping down on scientists at the
U.S. Geological Survey, the latest agency subjected to controls
on research that might go against official policy.


The A to Z Guide to Political Interference in Science

Scientists who work for and advise the federal government have
seen their work manipulated, suppressed, distorted, while agencies
have systematically limited public and policy maker access to
critical scientific information.
 link to www.ucsusa.org


NOAA Scientist Barred from Mentioning 'Kyoto' and 'Climate Change'

"It seems more like Nazi Germany or the
Soviet Union than the United States,"

You Are Very Optimistic 27.Feb.2007 20:49

To Assume

That any of us will have grandchildren.

former NW Paddler, now Expat in Kiwiland 28.Feb.2007 16:55


No, I don't think my Grandchildren will hate me. I moved my family the hell out of the US two years ago.

On another note... I really don't think anyone on this website really needs to hear crap about their future family member hating them. You people here are the good ones. Your family will love you.