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IRAN : pictures banished from ours embedded media made in New World Order,

CAT STEVENS : Voice banished from ours airs, made in our free New World Order , because he was converted to Islam . Are his song and his voice less beautyful than they were in the times when he sang My Lady D'Arbanville .

Or are we so brainwashed that we are blind and deaf to our human brothers


thanks 27.Feb.2007 07:12


I appreciate the pictures. I attended college with many Iranian students and remember one being asked, "Do you still ride camels there?" Jafar smiled and said, "Yeah, but we have parking meters for them." I realized then that most of us had a flawed view of what Iran was like and apparently that has not improved over the years. These pictures show some of the people living in Iran now and the lives which will be torn apart if we go ahead and start yet another war. This HAS to STOP!!!

And the point is ...? 27.Feb.2007 09:56

anonymous or made up

Is it that these people look too much like us to bomb? That unlike maybe Iraq or Afghanistan, they have nicer lawns, fountains, artwork, playgrounds, and buildings, and are more prone to shave their beards, so we shouldn't mess all that up?

A picture may speak a thousand words, but as far as I can tell, those pictures are speaking the wrong, hypocritical words.

I also had a number of Iranian friends in college back in the hostage days, dated them, played backgammon with them, some even resembled Mr. Lucas Gray here. It is unconscionable that we would bomb Iran, for our sakes as well as theirs, but let's base our arguments on the overall stupidity of war, and how it can only be avoided when leadership is willing to talk and listen, both to other leadership and to their own citizens. Neither side seems to be doing much of either right now. Instead of booting out the leadership for getting us into this mess, citizens on both sides fall for their ploys that, now that they've messed things up this much, they are the only ones who can "protect us against those other guys". This is not a new story.

In other words, don't support 'em, IMPEACH 'EM!

(and what's with changing the notes at "sounding louder"?)

the point 27.Feb.2007 12:24


You read me wrong. I was simply saying that some folks here in the West think of 'those other people' as backward and worthy of nothing. I was probably not speaking about anyone who would log onto this site. I just get so terribly frustrated and sad over the rush to war that I admittedly become somewhat incoherent. At one time, I supported the Democrats, really believing that they would move this country in the right direction. That has all gone away. I am just sad beyond words about what is happening and grasp at straws or pictures of children with painted faces to push the situations in other more positive directions.

Maybe I read too much into it 27.Feb.2007 15:10

anonymous or made up

When someone tries to make a point with a picture, it's natural to guess why they chose that picture over another one. In this case, maybe it's as simple as the fact that those images resonated with the author from their own personal experiences. But I'll stick with my point: If we truly had responsive and tuned-in governments and citizens, here and there, this wouldn't be happening. Even with representative governments, if citizens keep delivering "protect me!" messages to them, those governments are going to feel justified and supported when taking these hardline attitudes, and the more dangerous the world will be.

Some people have faith in god, others have faith in law or "the government", but it seems few have faith in humanity. I guess that's where "Peace Train" fits in, as a simple direct appeal to humanity.

yes 27.Feb.2007 16:34


I agree. "Truly responsive and tuned-in governments and citizens" would indeed make all the difference. We need to take care of each other and not expect the government to do it. Look at the mess we are in now, as we hope to be protected. We can only take care of each other. I guess that is why I reacted to those pictures as I did.....especially the little kids with those painted faces. They all look so vulnerable.

typing a URL is not "logging onto" anything 27.Feb.2007 16:53

grump grump grump

> I was probably not speaking about anyone who would log onto this site.

You don't "log in" to this web site, you "visit" it. You "log in" to your Yahoo! Mail account. If you haven't entered a password, you're not logged into anything.

This advertising-driven double misuse of the term "log on" drives me nuts.