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Russian SU - 30MK Superior Jet Fighter

Iran may have bought some of these jets from Russia.
The Russian aircraft is remarkable. This impressive aircraft, along with its skilled pilot, put the plane through its paces, doing what is
supposed to be impossible for a high speed fighter jet.
The abilities of the Russian SU - 30MK are far superior to U.S. aircraft, and to those of NATO allies. No coalition-of-the-willing nations
have aircraft that can stand up to it in a dogfight.
The SU - 30MK can stall from a high speed flight to stop in less than one second. The plane can also fall back on its tail without any
compressor stall.......as well as going into a flat spin and recovering in less than one minute.


Wondering 26.Feb.2007 23:02


if this manuverabilty is substantial defense against the stand-off air-to-air munitions of adversaries.

Air to air munitions 27.Feb.2007 06:34


Heat seeking, radar, or laser guided monitions are always subject to jamming and the race for counter effects promises that this will always be an individual, eye vs eye combat relying on direct fire accuracy and physical abilities of the pilot and airframe.
The Russians make practical and effective weapons which are vastly more maintainable in field conditions than their American high cost super sophisticated and highly profitable hardware competition...
States Factories produced the Mig 29 or Fulcrum and was the last super fighter we never had to combat with Russian Pilots.. Thank God.

what about the new F-22? 27.Feb.2007 06:53


Check this out:


Other than the small, trivial, detail of their system computers failing simultaneously rendering them pretty much useless, they sounded pretty impressive during testing.

F-22 -- The Edsel of Jets 27.Feb.2007 08:32

mr ed

The F-22 Raptor has other problems, lack of space for pilot comfort, the canopy
malfunctions regularly, and there is numerous problems with the landing gear.

Are we really having a death machine fetish conversation? 27.Feb.2007 11:45


Which country has the sexiest h-bombs? That's what I want to know.

We do! 27.Feb.2007 12:58

Toe Tag

The W-88 is sleek, petite, and has a yield to die for.

aerobatic/combat maneuvers 28.Feb.2007 08:33


I find the aerobatic capabilities of the Sukhoi aircraft stunning.

Specualtions about combat between today's Western vs. Russian/Eastern
jet aircraft favor Western aircraft at longer distances. As the
opponents close, the advantage shifts to the Russian aircraft with
their impressive maneuvearabilty and pilot-controlled sighting systems.

However,I think that the *hidden* question of air combat these days
involves the high price and small numbers of aircraft. One technologically
superior aircraft cannot control all the airspace at the same moment,
thus allowing opponents to *hit 'em where they ain't!*

where am I, did I go down the rabbithole? 01.Mar.2007 18:52


where am I, did I go down the rabbithole?

Get real, which death trap can go faster, turn tighter?

Who gives a shit!