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What can we do about it?
Come to the following meeting for a lively discussion.
With a recent NASA report indicating the highest temperatures in the past 12,000 years, the phenomenon known as global warming is all but indisputable. However, instead of taking action to reduce climate change, politicians in the US have reacted with callous indifference. At best, sections of the ruling class, most notably Al Gore in his movie An Inconvenient Truth, have offered us lifestyle solutions, like car pooling or riding your bike more. But these "solutions" are just a drop in the bucket, not a fundamental restructuring of society. Will corporations that profit from pollution ever be able to reduce their greenhouse emissions, or will it take a democratically planned economy to prevent environmental catastrophe?

When: Thursday March 1st 7:30pm
Where: Portland State University
Smith Center Room 225
Sponsored by Portland branch of the International Socialist Organization
Publisher of Socialist Worker newspaper. www.socialistworker.org
For more info contact  pdxiso@yahoo.com