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For those of you who missed last weekend's screening of Legacy of Torture- the War Against the Black Liberation Movement, it will be shown again on Sunday March 4th at 3pm at Reflections Coffee and Books- 313 NE Killingsworth in Portland.
This amazing film tells the story of 8 former Black Panther Party members who were accused of killing a cop in 1971, were tortured in order to force guilty pleas. The court threw the case out in 1973 because the testimony was extracted through torture.

Thirty five years later, emboldened by the Patriot Act, the FBI has was re-opened the case and these same men have been re-arrested on the same charges.

Featured speakers will include Kent Ford, former Captain of the Portland Chapter of the Black Panther Party and father of Patrice Lumumba Ford-

This is a free event.

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