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Murray and Inslee oppose impeachment

Patty Murray and Jay Inslee' efforts to stop the impeachment movement in Washington became public today in a Seattle Times story. It is clear that Murray has not read the bill, which asks for investigations into the actions of both Bush and Cheney about the use of fraudulent evidence to persuade Congress and the American people to support a pre-emptive strike in Iraq.
The Bill--SJM 8016 simply lists a number of serious allegations about Bush and Cheney and their administration, perpetrating a fraud, illegally spying on citizens, arresting and imprisoning people without due process, and engaging in torture. The question before the state legislature is simply this: are these violations serous enough to warrant an investigation? If yes, then the bill petitions Congress to do its job and begin impeachment investigations. This bill, unlike other memorials, will go the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives for them to decide whether or not to begin impeachment investigations.
State legislatures have a unique responsibility to call for impeachment proceedings in the U.S. Congress that has been in the House Rules since the days of Thomas Jefferson.
Reading from a script that must have been written by Karl Rove, Murray and Inslee talk about how impeachment will distract from the Democrats' agenda. Nothing is more important than restoring the individual rights that have been eroded by this administration. Nothing is more important than restoring our Constitutional form of government, with its system of checks and balances.
It makes you wonder what a President has to do before our elected officials will take action. It also makes you wonder why the Democrats are so afraid to say these allegations are serious and should be investigated.
Those of us who support impeachment investigations are not Bush-haters. We are engaged in this work because we love our Constitution. We miss it and want it back. Unless the President and Vice President are held accountable for their violations of law and for shredding the rights of the citizens--the next president--be it Hillary or Jeb--will claim that they have the right to do what Bush did. It will become precedent. That is why impeachment matters. And the Framers of the Constitution knew it mattered--enough so that they mentioned it 6 times in the short Constitution.
Where are the true conservatives and libertarians when they are needed in this fight?

Here is the the Postman story: 2/26 in The Seattle Times

D.C. Dems want to stop legislative impeachment talk

Posted by David Postman at 06:55 AM

Sen. Patty Murray and Congressman Jay Inslee are lobbying legislators to cancel this week's hearing on a resolution calling on Congress to investigate and consider impeaching President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. Inslee and Murray, both Democrats who voted against the war, think state lawmakers holding hearings and voting on impeachment is a distraction from what Democrats are doing in Congress, including their efforts to end the war.

Murray spokeswoman Alex Glass confirmed that Murray told Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown last week that the impeachment resolution was a bad idea:

"Senator Murray's message was, 'I have two words for anyone who wants to impeach the President: Dick Cheney.'"
"Jay called and he said, 'Darlene, don't do this,'" said Sen. Darlene Fairley, D-Lake Forest Park. She is chairwoman of the Senate Government Operations and Elections Committee, which is scheduled to hold a hearing on two measures Thursday. One is Sen. Eric Oemig's joint memorial calling for Congress to investigate and consider impeachment of Bush and Cheney. The other is Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles' measure opposing Bush's troop increase in Iraq.

"I said, 'Jay it's all over YouTube. I can't un-ring that bell,'" Fairley said. There are a number of videos posted to the site featuring Oemig and the impeachment measure.

Inslee has been busy with a family matter and unavailable. But he earlier told The Stranger's Josh Feit why he opposes impeachment.

As much as I despise what this president has done to the country, my job is to find a way to end the war in Iraq, which I voted against. We should do nothing whatsoever to hinder our effort to end the war. Grandstanding that prevents us from growing a coalition against the war is a luxury we cannot afford. We don't have the votes to remove Bush from office. Bush is leaving office. We need to make sure our troops are leaving Iraq.
The hearing at 3:30 p.m. Thursday is looking to be a major spectacle. The Washington Legislature's anti-Bush moves have beome, at least temporarily, a center of attention of anti-war forces around the country. At an impeachment forum in Olympia last week where Oemig spoke, according to reports, the audience included Rachel Corrie's parents, Lt. Ehren Watada and James Yee.

Coming to Olympia to testify in favor of Oemig's impeachment resolution are Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson, a growing voice in the anti-war movement, and Mary Ann Wright, a retired Army colonel who resigned from the U.S. State Department in 2003 to protest the invasion of Iraq. She has since worked closely with Cindy Sheehan and others in the peace movement.

Kohl-Welles told me she invited retired Chairman of the Joint Chief Gen. John Shalikashvili, who lives near Gig Harbor, and actor and activist Sean Penn. She said she was waiting to hear back from Penn's publicist.

The hearing is turning into just what Democrats in Congress worry about. Fairley said that in a Feb. 14 telephone call with Inslee:

He said it sent the wrong message and 'detracted from the good things we are doing with education and health care.' I agree with him, as I said, but there is a large group of people who want to have a say on these two things and this gives them a venue.
Truly, I think both he and Patty feel that people would compare what the State of Washington was doing with what DC was doing -- to their detriment.

Oemig said by e-mail that he has heard that some members of Congress want the impeachment memorial, Senate Joint Memorial 8016, to "go away." His reponse?

Best answer I can give, I'm on their side. They should help me help them. As soon as congress starts issuing subpoenas or indictments 8016 will go away.
A very large crowd is expected Thursday. There will be a rally at 1 p.m. that day on the Capitol steps. The Eastside Fellowship of Reconciliation is also raising money to "keep this valuable campaign alive."

Writer Dave Lindorff who spoke at the Olympia impeachment forum last week with Oemig, wrote:

It seems likely that if Washington passed Oemig's bill (it currently has eight co-sponsors), or if one of the ones moving through the legislatures of Vermont or New Mexico were to pass, the other states might follow suit. As well, representatives in Congress could feel emboldened to submit their own bills of impeachment.
In other words, the dam will burst, and impeachment will be underway.

Lindorff is co-author of "The Case for Impeachment: The Legal Argument for Removing President George W. Bush from Office." Writing about this week's hearing, Lindorff said the plan is to "have hundreds -- perhaps thousands -- of backers on hand to make sure it gains committee approval."

Fairley is expecting a huge crowd for the two measures. And she plans to keep tight control. There will be a little more than two hours to take testimony on both bills. Each bill will get a pro-panel designated by the sponsor and a con panel chosen by Senate Republicans.

The panelists will each get three minutes to talk. The rest of the time Fairley wants reserved for citizen testimony -- not questions or speeches from senators. And she's willing to have legislators, or anyone else, removed if they don't follow the rules.

I'm restricting questions from the Members to one question per panel speaker without follow-up. Hopefully, we won't have a lot of questions because this is the time to listen to the public's testimony. Some of the committee members want to make floor speeches instead of asking questions. Normally, I don't believe in gaveling people quiet, but I will if I have to. And, if I have to, I'll resort to using the Sergeant-at-Arms to escort people from the room.
Everyone has a right to their opinion and everyone will be treated with
respect. Period.

SIDEBAR: Murray's vote against the Iraq war doesn't seem to mean much today to anti-war activists. Last week, while Murray was meeting with a group of local police chiefs in Bellevue, protestors asked the chiefs to arrest the senator for war crimes.

They didn't do it, but in a just world they would have.
There's a low quality video of it here.
The demonstrators were from Stand Up Seattle and the Green Party of Washington State, which are part of the local Occupation Project.

 link to blog.seattletimes.nwsource.com

Why do they even need a debate? 26.Feb.2007 16:49

Fred Bauer

It's as if there's still some question about wisdom of impeachment. Bush should have been impeached years ago. If they'd had the guts then, we wouldn't be where we are now.

Some fools refuse to impeach Bush because he'd be replaced by Dick Cheny. It's like a G-Man refusing to arrest Baby Face Nelson because he'd be replaced by John Dillinger.

Impeachment Exposure 26.Feb.2007 20:17


Looks like this impeachment move is exposing the militant warmaking dems. Its really time to consider oppositional candidates in and out of the maintream parties for this stinking war appears yet to be halting.

Good luck
We need to face governing ourselves
We need to face governing ourselves

It's the organized crime state 26.Feb.2007 20:47

A. Ayers

Police states are subordinate to organized crime. Members of Congress who support impeachment may be fearing for their lives. Carnahan and Wellstone are two recent Senate examples.

Our good friend Nancy Pelosi comes from a fine old mob family too. Did she threaten John Conyers with a hit if he pursued impeachment? This commentor thinks it is likely.

Organized crime doesn't want impeachment. They protect their own from the law. Impeachment would be a huge blow to the multitude of organized crime schemes that permeate the US economy. It would make the people of the US aware of what Ben Franklin said: "Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As people become more viscious, they have more need of masters."

Investigation is Imperative 28.Feb.2007 15:37

sadder but wiser

With all of the saber-rattling going on in this administration with respect to Iran, it is imperative that an investigation take place into the lies that got us into Iraq in the first place.

You can track the progress of this bill at  http://apps.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/summary.aspx?bill=8016&year=2007

I just called Patty's office... 28.Feb.2007 15:45

sadder but wiser

and told the aide that Patty should rethink her stand on SJM8016, as it is not just about impeachment, it is also about investigating how the present administration lied us into a preemptive strike on Iraq.

The aide said that Patty considered this "grandstanding" as they couldn't possibly get enough votes for this to go forward and that she is for greater oversight.

Greater oversight is all well and good, but more important is to find out how this happened so that we can prevent this from occurring again. The aide said that he would pass my views on to Patty.

I would urge any other Washington constituents to give her a call at 206-553-5545.

The way I see it 03.Mar.2007 00:55

implacable patriot implacablepatriot@hotmail.com

It's time to draw a line. You're either in favor of the rule of law and preserving constitutional government, or you're against it. It doesn't matter whether you're a Democrat, Republican, Green, Independent or some other. If you're an elected official, or ranking member of the military, or diplomat, or judge, you've taken an oath that says you will defend the constitution. As such you'd better line up on the side of rule of law and constitution or face impeachment. And, if'n you can't stand the heat, get outta the kitchen, as a former Prez said. Already we got Inslee and Murray that lined up on the wrong side of their oath's of office. I'm thinking it's time to be looking for their replacements. Not only that, we got elected officials locking their offices on constituents that came to talk with them about these issues. Larsen and Cantwell that I know of and maybe others have done the same.