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Russian Activist and California Energy Expert Speak on LNG in Portland

Greetings from the LNG front. Any and all who have an interest in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and energy justice issues should attend this upcoming event in Portland.
COME HEAR "THE CASE AGAINST LNG"! Speakers Loretta Lynch and Dmitry Lisitsyn. First Unitarian Church (Corner of SW 12th and Salmon) Monday, March 5. 7 pm. The Wall Street Journal has called liquefied natural gas (LNG) the "next fossil fuel." Since 2002, Oregon has been buffeted by huge proposals to build mega-terminals importing liquefied natural gas. These proposals in the Columbia River Estuary (Astoria and Bradwood) as well as Coos Bay have come under fire for their negative impacts on local businesses, fisheries, public safety, water quality, and air quality. Yet, the upstream and regional impacts are also severe. Join us to learn about the regional and global climate, environmental, and social impacts of massive LNG import terminals proposed in Astoria, the Lower Columbia River and Coos Bay. Speakers: Loretta Lynch chaired the California Public Utilities Commission under Gov. Gray Davis, and expertly describes how LNG proposals in Oregon are unnecessary, destructive to our climate, and California-driven. She is featured in the movie Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, continues to monitor energy market manipulation, and is now an Executive Scholar at UC Berkeley. She also acts as a board member for Pacific Environment. Dmitry Lisitsyn is Board President of Sakhalin Environment Watch. He is traveling from Russia to inform West Coast residents about resistance to oil and gas development on Sakhalin Island, Russia. He brings first-hand knowledge of the environmental justice implications of liquefied natural gas development. Monday, March 5, 7 p.m. First Unitarian Church. Portland, Oregon. Corner of SW 12th and Salmon St. * * This event is free and open to the public * * ******************************************* Event is sponsored by the Columbia River Clean Energy Coalition, KBOO, First Unitarian Church, Energy Options, Pacific Environment and Columbia Riverkeeper. For more information, contact Dan Serres at (503) 890-2441 or dserres at gmail.com. More info at kboo.org, oregonwaters.org, pacificenvironment.org