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Report Back From Olympia Anti-Recruitment Action

Report back from Olympia Anti-Recruitment Action
A group of 8 people met in Yauger park at 10 AM this Saturday. It was raining and, much to my dismay, one of the main busses that would have taken people to the park was not running. As we were waiting there, we saw a bunch of amerikan flags by the recruiting center across the street. It became clear that these were counter-protesters.

We walked over to the center and began to mingle with the freedom fighters. The center, which was supposed to be open from 10-1 was closed, the doors locked and the blinds down. The patriots outnumbered us by nearly 2 to 1. Nevertheless, we stayed there for about 2 hours, talking with them. One man lost his cool and started yelling at one of us. He angrily stormed off and, soon after, 2 cops arrived but nothing happened with them. Finally, we got tired and left.

Conclusion: All we did was make some fliers and some posts on sites such as this one. It would seem that both the right-wing nuts and the recruiting center got wind of what we were going to do and closed down in fear of what they thought was going to transpire. 8 people, some paper and some words shut down a recruiting center. Perhaps this was just blind luck, but it is something to think about.

See you all next time,
Ray Kavick

well 25.Feb.2007 19:48

I Hearya

Did I read that you closed down the center?

- heh! good job!

yah 26.Feb.2007 14:36


That's what we're finding here too -- when we show up, they shut down. Looks like we need to be there every day! Put them out of business.